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: Sauces

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    BBQ Burger Sauce Garlic Honey Mustard Hot Chili Italian Bolognese Salsa Mexicana Spicy Tomato Sweet & Sour Sweet Chili

    Delicious barbecue sauces without added fats and sugar that can shine with the traditional taste of the good old days!

    What would delicious, freshly grilled or roasted meat be without a yummy barbeque sauce? Who could imagine to light a barbeque grill, without having a classic barbecue sauce or spicy tomato ketchup in the house? We agree with you: freshly grilled or freshly roasted meat has to be combined with the right barbeque sauce that offers the traditional American taste of the good old days. But unfortunately, almost all classic BBQ sauces contain either high amounts of fat and/or large amounts of unnecessary sugar - just think of the good old cocktail or garlic sauce or the good old barbeque sauce and ketchup. Somehow it is frustrating and ironic to combine lean roasted meat with barbecue sauces that are true calorie bombs.

    Of course, you could simply omit these high calorie barbecue sauces, but this is not really an option for a traditional company like Frankys Bakery that specializes in the traditional American taste of the good old days. That's why we've created our own barbecue sauces that are free from unnecessary added fats and sugar. The small amounts of sugar some of Frankys Sauces like our spicy tomato sauce may contain, only represent the naturally occurring sugar contained ingredients like tomatoes. With just 16 kcal per 100 ml, you can refine your meat with delicious, spicy barbecue sauces that taste as good as sauces from the good old times.

    Frankys Sauces from Frankys Bakery - delicious barbeque sauces that are free from added fat and sugar and taste as good as traditional barbeque sauces of the good old days!

    Frankys Bakery - traditional treats since 1954!

    By Tommes Ö on 07/5/2018 5
    Title: Hammer Sauce
    Text: Ich habe mir die Sauce ohne große Erwartungen im Geschmack BBQ bestellt und muss sagen man schmeckt kaum, dass sie keinen Zucker enthält. Kleiner Negativpunkt (und das ist meckern auf hohem Niveau) die Sauce ist ein klein wenig zu flüssig.
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