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Time for War (Adolf Burkhard Signature) - GN Laboratories

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Declare war against the heavy weights in the gym - with Time for War

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Time for War - Adolf Burkhard Signature Series

If you want to be victorious in the fight against the heavy weights in the gym, you need maximum power, infinite energy and a razor-sharp focus in combination with a murderous, literally skin-bursting pump - in short: You need Time for War!

Product highlights

  • Sheer endless energy for brutal workouts
  • Will increase your body’s muscle protein synthesis and protection from an exercise-induced catabolic muscle breakdown for maximum gains of mass and strength
  • Experience a formally skin-busting pump
  • Razor-sharp focus for the most concentrated and productive workouts of your life
  • Maximum delay of muscle fatigue for more repetitions with heavy weights
  • Maximum increase in strength, muscle coordination and efficiency of your hard-working muscles
  • Maximum increase of muscle endurance for brutal sets
  • Maximum acceleration and optimization of post-workout recovery

Declare war against the heavy weights in the gym - with Time for War

If you want to win a war, every battle is crucial - and for you as strength athletes and / or bodybuilders any hard workout session in the gym is such a battle that can greatly contribute to the outcome of your war against the weights. Do you just want to survive or do you want to win the war and achieve all of your goals that can range from a perfect body development to victories in bodybuilding and weightlifting competitions?

Time for War will help you to fight every battle in the gym with maximum brutality, which means that you can do more reps and more sets with heavier weights during every workout, without any lack of energy or fatigue hindering you. At the same time, you will be highly concentrated and will be able to use your mind-muscle connection to your advantage during each repetition to the fullest.

But these battles are only part of your war. You'll need to recover from your battles in the gym as quickly as possible to get ready for the next hard fight against the weights, and of course you'll need to build maximum strength and muscle mass after each battle to be able to fight even heavier weights during the next battle.

And for all of this there is Time for War! Time for War will give you infinite energy, maximum power, and a razor-sharp focus while greatly delaying the onset of your muscle fatigue. With Time for War you will do more repetitions with more weight than ever before during the most intense and brutal workout sets in your life. At the same time you will be able to concentrate fully on every inch of each rep and will be able to achieve a maximum time under extreme tension.

In addition to this, Time for War will give you an extreme, skin-bursting pump with all the benefits in terms of workout performance and gains that will make any workout a real experience.

Exposed to such extreme stress your body will have no choice but to react with maximum gains in strength and muscle mass, if it wants to survive. In this scenario Time for War will helps you by promoting a maximum rate of muscle protein synthesis with minimal muscle protein breakdown and will not only speed up and optimizing your post workout recovery, but also minimize your soreness during the next days.

If you not only want to win the war, but also each and every battle in the gym, you need Time for War - which is was inspired by Adolf Burkhard - a real IFBB Pro – with good reason.


  • Titel:Lecker
    Schmeckt sehr gut und die Wirkung ist auch top, leider ist bei mir nur das Beta Alanin etwas hart geworden lässt sich aber im Wasser auflösen.
  • Titel:Unfassbar guter Geschmack
    Schmeckt super und wird nicht hart, auch nach Monaten Öffnen nutzbar.
    Die Farbe ist auch Nice.
  • Titel:Auf der Fibo Probiert
    Mega geiler Booster.
    Es kommt auf die Dosis an dann wird es Hardcore!
  • Titel:Optimal für jeden Tag!
    Geiler Drive und super Focus!
    Hält was er verspricht!
  • Titel:Panzer mit Kraft !
    Habe nun die 2 Dose in Gebrauch. Finde den Booster Weltklasse. Er holt mich auch gerne mal aus einem Tief raus. Nehme ca. 22 g fürs Train. Kribbeln ist vorhanden, Fokus wirklich TOP und Pump finde ich auch sehr gut.
    Kann über den Booster nichts schlechtes sagen. Wirklich gutes Dingen !
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Take 1 Portion 20g (1 scoop) with 200 to 250ml of water and consume 30-45 minutes before beginning workout. DO NOT EXCEED 2 PORTIONS (40g) IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD.


Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily intake indicated should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of young children! Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children or pregnant women. (contains 200 mg of caffeine per daily dose).

Free from lactose and gluten.


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