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Narcotica Infection - the booster that will change this supplement category forever ...

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Look forward to a brutal, skin-bursting muscle pump, maximum strength, infinite energy and a razor-sharp focus for the toughest and most productive workouts of your life that will be characterized by daily personal bests and incredible gains of strength and muscle mass!

Product Highlights:

  • Extreme, formally skin-busting pump
  • Infinite energy and a maximum delay of muscle fatigue for more intense repetitions per set and more brutal sets per workout to guaranty you maximum gains of strength and muscle mass
  • Razor-sharp focus, reduced reaction time and maximum mental concentration for the most productive workouts of your life
  • Maximum supply of oxygen, nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones for your hungry, hard-working muscles
  • Faster neutralization and faster removal of toxic metabolic waste products from your muscles to prevent any premature fatigue
  • Accelerated recovery between your set and after your workouts for more frequent workouts without overtraining or burnout
  • Maximum stimulation of your muscle protein synthesis and lower catabolic cortisol levels for maximum muscle growth
  • Increased ATP production during your workouts
  • Increased VO2max and reduced oxygen consumption during intense workouts
  • Increased strength and efficiency and a better coordination of your muscle contractions
  • Glycogen sparing effect by an increased use of fatty acids as fuel for your hard-working muscles
  • Rapid neutralization of free radicals that are produced in high amounts during intense workouts and can severely damage your muscle cells and your DNA
  • Increased natural levels of muscle building hormones
  • Anti-inflammatory effects that will relieve workout related joint and muscle pain
  • Can reduce soreness after brutal workouts
  • Maximum bioavailability and maximum effectiveness because of innovative absorption enhancers and our unique Polyhydrate ™ Unique Buffering technology

Narcotica Infection - the booster that will change this supplement category forever ...

During the last years the market of boosters has become a competition where every company has tried to use larger amounts of more extreme stimulants. This has led to the development of extreme products that are simply too strong and too harsh for many users. Instead of a better focus and a better mental concentration, these products merely cause nervousness and anxiety among many users. The alternatives are boosters that focus mainly on your pump, but more or less neglect other aspects such as focus, concentration, maximum energy and extreme power increases.

With that in mind, we asked ourselves, if two classes of boosters - extreme hardcore boosters for advanced strength athletes and weaker pump boosters for the average trainee - really make sense. Wouldn’t it be better to develop a booster that will completely cover the needs of ALL athletes. Through intensive research and countless beta tests, we have succeeded in developing a unique booster that lives up to what you would expect from an extreme hardcore booster, but will still give the average trainee an unsurpassed training performance and maximum gains of muscle mass and strength without nervousness and anxiety. Welcome to Narcotica Infection!

To achieve this, we've completely omitted all extreme hardcore stimulants and use a synergistic combination of a wired variety of highly effective ingredients that will give you extreme workout energy, reduce your muscle fatigue, maximize your strength, and give you a razor-sharp focus. Narcotica Infection will make any workout an unforgettable and memorable experience that is characterized by personal bests and incredible gains of strength and muscle mass.


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    What a Strong Pre Workout! Strong as fu*k!
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    Super geiler Drive!!
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    krasses zeug 2 scoops und ab gehts
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    Neuer Lieblingsgeschmack! Super und irgendwie haut der noch mehr rein!
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    Heftig, was ist in dem zeug drin!!!
    Knallt Hart!!!
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Take 1 portion 15g (1 scoop) with 200 to 250ml of water and consume 30-45 minutes before beginning workout.<p> DO NOT EXCEED 2 PORTIONS (30g) IN ANY 24 HOUR PERIOD.

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