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Zinc - ESN

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Zinc is a trace element and is only found in the body in very small quantities.

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For health-conscious athletes

Zinc is a trace element and is only found in the body in very small quantities. Nevertheless, it is important for numerous metabolic processes, as zinc is an indispensable component of over 300 enzymes. A variety of processes in the body would not work without zinc.

The mineral zinc by ESN is a multi-talented substance. It is crucial for normal skin and hair texture, normal immune system function, important metabolic processes and much more.

Nutritional all-rounder:

  • Promotes normal immune system function
  • Contributes to normal protein synthesis
  • Beneficial to skin and hair
  • Important for various hormone
  • Essential component of over 300 enzyme
  • Involved in numerous metabolic processes


A zinc deficiency can lead to significant loss in performance - both in a normal day and in sport. Among other things, this deficiency can result in a lack of concentration and appetite. As zinc is not produced by the body itself and can only be stored for a brief period, an adequate supply of nutrients from food is essential to humans. With just one capsule of ESN Zinc a day, this need has already been met.


For the body to maintain its performance level even in sport, it is important to supply it with essential minerals like zinc. Athletes in particular have an increased need for the trace element as the metabolism is activated during physical strain and increased zinc is lost through sweat. The more intensive a training session is, and the more an athlete sweats, the higher their need for zinc.

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We recommend 1 capsule of ESN Zinc per day. It should be taken with plenty of water with a meal.

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