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Asclepius Zinc - the only zinc product that deserves to bear the name of the Greek god of healing.

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Asclepius Zinc will provide you with this vital trace element that possesses countless health benefits and is critical for fighting power and efficiency of every Greek and Spartan fighter since ancient times!

"I walk the path of righteousness. Even when it may be laid out with broken glass ... Only those who truly oppose death bring true healing and life. My father once gave my name to death, who became my godfather and made me who I am. Asclepius, the first doctor. But those who shake hands with death do not just lose their hand. Healing the healthy makes you rich and famous. But it only seems that way, because in the end, the truly sick make death rich and famous. The dead must come to our side, otherwise we will be forced to come to theirs. I stood against death and even if I lost my own life, I brought true healing and life to the people."

Product Highlights:

  • Highly dosed, vital zinc as zinc bisglycinate - the zinc formulation with the highest bioavailability
  • Optimizes the production of anabolic hormones such as testosterone, insulin, growth hormones and thyroid hormones to make you the strongest and most muscular warrior since ancient times
  • Optimizes the function of your immune system, so that no illness may affect your fighting ability
  • Supports your body's natural detoxification processes, because only a healthy and pure body can survive the most brutal and merciless battles against relentless opponents and the cold steel of the weights
  • Optimizes recovery and wound healing to help you to get ready for the next merciless battle faster and to heal all wounds you suffered during your last brutal battle as quickly as possible
  • Supports the neutralization of free radicals to speed up your recovery and to protect your muscles and your cells from unnecessary damage
  • Plays a key role in your protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism, and can help you to use your food more effectively to build invincible mountains of muscle and superhuman strength
  • Acts as a natural estrogen blocker and can inhibit the aromatase enzyme to make any male warriors even harder and more masculine
  • Counteracts stretch marks of your skin so you can build muscle faster

Zinc - the essential Trace Mineral that already made glorious Greek and Spartan Warriors strong and invincible.

Zinc was already known in ancient Greece as an effective remedy and listed in the famous medical treatise "De Materia Medica" from the 50 to 70 BC. It was mentioned by the Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides, who is regarded as one of the most famous pharmacologists of his time. Crucibles with old zinc-rich ointment were discovered on a merchant ship, that sunk off the Italian coast in 130 BC. Chr, showing that zinc was already used commercially on a large scale as an ancient remedy even before this first written mention.

It seems to be obvious that the use of zinc in medicine may go back to the famous Asclepius, the son of Apollo and Koronis, daughter of the Greek king Phlegyas, who is revered in Greek mythology as the god and founder of modern medicine. The healing powers of Asclepius were so strong that, according to legend, he even managed to bring a dead man back to life - an exploit he paid for with his life, because this sacrilege made Zeus so angry that he killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt.

We decided to dedicate our newest product that contains this vital, ancient trace element that can heal injured and sick warriors and make healthy warriors stronger and more invincible to the God of healing.

Use the power of Asclepius Zinc to become a truly invincible Spartan warrior, who can neither be harmed by the sword of his opponents nor diseases.

What is Zinc and why is a Zinc Deficiency so devastating to any true Spartan Warrior?

Zinc is an essential trace element that occurs naturally in very small amounts in the food we eat. Since your body can not make zinc from other compounds by itself, we need to get our zinc from the food we eat or by using supplements.

In your body, zinc is involved in countless vital processes. It is an important building block needed for more than 300 enzymes, without which many crucial bodily functions would not be possible. In addition to its extremely important role in our immune function, zinc also plays a crucial role in wound healing and during our recovery after brutal battles against overpowering opponents and the merciless cold steel of the weights in the gyms of this world.

Just as important to any invincible Spartan fighter is the fact that sufficient levels of zinc are needed to produce the body's most important anabolic hormones, without which it would not be possible for us to build superhuman strength and impressive amounts of muscle mass. And as if all of this were not enough, your body needs zinc for its protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, without which you would not have the energy you need for brutal battles, nor the protein you need to build new muscle mass.

If you look at all these important processes and the crucial roles zinc plays, it will quickly become quite clear that even a modest zinc deficiency will have devastating consequences for the fighting power of any ancient or modern warrior. Without sufficient levels of zinc, you will not have enough energy for merciless, brutal battles against relentless opponents and the merciless steel of the heavy weights in the gym. And since your ability to recover from hard fights and your natural production of all the anabolic hormones you need for gains of superhuman strength and awesome muscle mass will be severely limited, you will not be able to emerge like a phoenix from the ashes from any brutal fight. Not to mention that your immune system will be so weak that even the most banal virus can bring you to your knees.

Sooner or later you will have to ask yourself if this is an acceptable scenario for you - and we strongly suspect that the answer will be a "no". But is a shortage of a trace mineral of which you need just a few milligrams every day even possible in our world of abundance?

Unfortunately, the answer is "yes" - and a zinc deficiency is far more widespread than one would think. This is partly due to the fact that zinc is found in food only in very small trace amounts and that most of our highly processed foods contain virtually no zinc any more. Since your body can not store zinc for a long time, you are dependent on a sufficient daily zinc intake. This means, that it is possible to suffer from a zinc deficiency if your daily zinc intake varies greatly, even if the average longer-term zinc intake would be sufficient from a purely mathematical point of view.

A further complicating factor is the fact that many people have an increased need for zinc for different reasons – and these needs can easily go far beyond what is considered sufficient by official authorities. This applies in particular to all physically active heroic ancient and modern warriors who need much more zinc than the average decadent and lazy citizen of the cities of ancient Greece because of their intense physical exertion during brutal fights, as well as an increased loss of zinc and other minerals through their sweat. But even the aforementioned decadent and sedentary people may have an increased need for zinc, as alcohol - just like the use of certain medications - can increase their need for zinc.

Even ascetic-living Spartan fighters who eat vegan and deliberately relinquish all luxury and decadent enjoyment can benefit from supplementing with Asklepios Zinc, as they do not consume animal sources of zinc and eat many phytate rich vegetables that can inhibit the absorption of zinc in their digestive tract.

The symptoms and consequences of a zinc deficiency can be very diverse and unspecific. They range from a lack of energy, a limited ability to concentrate, reduced physical performance and an impaired ability to recover to diarrhoea, hair loss and impure skin, an impaired immune function, an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, reduced testosterone, thyroid hormone and growth hormone levels, a delayed wound healing and a reduced fertility.

In addition, a zinc deficiency can affect your metabolism and reduce your metabolic rate, leading to a weight gain and the inability to lose excess body fat.

A glorious Spartan warrior that can not be defeated by any human opponent, should not be forced to his knees by something as mundane as a few milligrams of missing zinc. Protect yourself from this truly fearsome enemy with Asclepius Zinc.

What makes Asclepius Zinc so valuable to any fearless and invincible Spartan Warrior?

While everyone can benefit from a sufficient zinc intake and zinc is an essential nutrient without which none of us would survive for long, hard-fighting, invincible, proud Spartan warriors and intensely exercising athletes can benefit even more from an optimal zinc intake.

Besides being of vital importance both for energy production and physical performance during brutal battles against merciless opponents and the relentless cold steel of the weights, as well as for your recovery between gruelling battles, this vital mineral can help any fighter to building the sheer superhuman power and steel-hard muscles that will decide over glorious victory or pathetic defeat.

Optimum levels of zinc will guarantee maximum levels of all the anabolic hormones of you body, including testosterone, insulin, IGF-1 and growth hormones. Scientific studies have shown beyond any doubt that sufficient amounts of zinc can increase the testosterone levels in hard-training athletes by up to 30% while preventing decreasing levels of the anabolic hormone IGF-1.

Experience has shown that not all fearless Spartan warriors will be satisfied with what their bodies naturally have to offer. But dismissing this as dishonourable would mean ignoring history. Already in ancient Greece, both athletes and invincible warriors used exogenous testosterone without even knowing what testosterone is. The consumption of bull testicles to increase physical performance and fighting power was widespread and bull testicles contain a lot of pure testosterone.

Because testosterone is converted to oestrogen by the aromatase enzyme in the human body, elevated levels of testosterone can easily result in undesirable oestrogen-related side effects such as fluid retentions, body fat gains, and a development of gynecomastia. But highly dosed zinc can even help with this scenario because it is able to reduce the activity of the aromatase enzyme and will thus minimize any unwanted conversion of testosterone to oestrogen.

This property is not only of interesting for fighters who are not afraid of increasing their fighting power by using performance-enhancing pharmaceutical compounds or natural testosterone sources. Even for natural warriors and strength athletes a reduced natural conversion of testosterone into oestrogen will mean higher testosterone levels and potentially faster gains of rock-hard muscle mass and brutal strength.

And if your body has the quantities of anabolic hormones that will make rapid muscle growth possible, a too rapid growth of your muscles can easily lead to unsightly, irreversible stretch marks. But zinc can help here as well. In the area of professional bodybuilding, highly dosed zinc has been used for over 30 years as a highly effective secret weapon for preventing the development of stretch marks.

What health Benefits does Asclepius Zinc have and why should a glorious Spartiate from the Army of King Leonidas even be interested in this?

A product bearing the name of the Greek god of medicine is supposed to have a number of interesting health benefits. These include the antiviral and immune system-strengthening properties that were already known in antiquity, which, among other things, are based on the fact that zinc is needed for the activity of the natural killer cells of your immune system. A more active immune system can prevent an invincible Spartan warrior, who does not have to fear the most brutal and strongest opponents, from being put out of action by a tiny virus that causes a cold or flu.

Zinc is also an important component of a wide variety of enzymes responsible for the degradation of a wide variety of toxic compounds, including heavy metals and environmental toxins in the human body. This means that zinc will support the natural detoxification of your body. This reflects the ascetic lifestyle of a true Spartan warrior who despised unnecessary luxury and decadence and for whom a pure and healthy body was one of the highest and most worthy goals.

Because zinc is an important component of a number of your body's most potent antioxidants, it plays a crucial role in neutralizing free radicals in your body. Free radicals, which are produced in great amounts during intense physical exertions, like merciless battles, can damage the DNA of your cells and are linked to a variety of diseases, ranging from cancer to heart disease. In addition, free radicals appear to accelerate the aging process and many scientists consider antioxidants to be a true fountain of youth for the human body.

And why would a fearless Spartan warrior be interested in this? Well, who has the better chances to win against overpowering enemies? An aging warrior with a crooked back, whose joints crunch and ache with every move, and who is afraid to hit too hard, because otherwise he might get a heart attack from over-exertion - or a radiant image of health and youthful vigour?

Take advantage of the health-promoting power of Asklepios Zinc - because only a healthy warrior can be a victorious and glorious warrior who does not have to fear death or defeat.

What makes Asclepius Zinc a true Gift of the Gods and superior to other Zinc Products of dubious Street vendors on the Markets of ancient Greece and the Rest of the World?

Asclepius Zinc contains zinc as zinc bisglycinate, which is a relatively new and previously largely unknown zinc compound. It is rumoured that the secret composition of this zinc compound was whispered to a scientist from the Gods Rage laboratories in a dream during a pilgrimage to the ancient Greece of Asklepios, where he slept in a temple of Asclepius to be receptive to his divine input, as it was tradition in ancient Greece.

This unique zinc compound, where a zinc atom is bound to two amino acid molecules, can not be attacked by gastric acid and also withstands all attacks of enzymes in the duodenum without damage. This has the consequence that a very high percentage of the ingested zinc bisglycinate will be absorbed in the small intestine and be used by your body. Compared to previous zinc compounds known for a superior bioavailability like zinc gluconate and zinc citrate, zinc bisglycinate shows a 40% higher bioavailability.

Asclepius Zinc - the only zinc product that deserves to bear the name of the Greek god of healing.

Warning: High doses of zinc that are significantly beyond the normal requirements of this important trace element may inhibit the uptake of the trace element copper, which can have numerous adverse health effects. For this reason, a long-term use of high zinc doses is not recommended.


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Spartan, take 1/2 tablet without chewing and with sufficient liquid

Dietary supplements are not intended to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children!

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