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Zinc Bisglycinat - B.A.M.

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  • Content: 120 capsules

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Maximum dosage for an optimal effect - half a tablet per day is all you need

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Profit maximally from the many health benefits of zinc, which are particularly important for hard-training athletes and bodybuilders, by using the zinc supplement with highest bioavailability, you will find on the market!

Product Highlights:

  • Maximum dosage for an optimal effect - half a tablet per day is all you need.
  • Contains zinc bisglycinate - the form of zinc with the highest possible bioavailability that will outperform even zinc gluconate and zinc citrate by up to 40%
  • Promotes and supports your immune function
  • Can speed up your recovery and protect your muscle cells from free radical damage
  • Zinc is critical for an optimal protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • Can act as a natural oestrogen blocker
  • Can promote and support wound healing
  • Can promotes and support the natural detoxification processes of your body
  • Can counteract unsightly stretch marks cause by a rapid muscle growth

Why could so many people benefit from a little more zinc?

Zinc is an essential trace element your body can not produce by itself. Therefore you need to consume zinc in form of food or supplements on a daily basis. Zinc is involved in a wide variety of important bodily processes and is needed for the production over 300 enzymes of your body.

Providing an adequate dietary zinc intake by natural food would be the best alternative, but in the real world this is often not so easy to achieve. Our average diet often does not even provide enough zinc for sedentary people because of its high content of high-processed foods - not to mention intensely exercising athletes who show an increased need for zinc as a result of their hard training and a mineral loss through sweat.

For an optimal supplementation we use zinc bisglycinate – the form of zinc with the highest-bioavailability hat exceeds the bioavailability of other commonly used zinc forms such as zinc gluconate and zinc citrate by up to 40%!

What are the most important benefits of B.A.M. Zinc Bisglycinate for bodybuilders and athletes?

Zinc is an important component of a variety of endogenous antioxidants and can help neutralize free radicals that can damage or even destroy the cells and the DNA of your body. This is especially important for athletes, because during hard and intense workouts your body will produce increased amounts of free radicals as metabolic waste products. Reduced damage of your muscle cells during your workouts and a faster healing of workout-induced muscle traumata because of the wound healing promoting effects of zinc can promote and accelerate your post-workout recovery.

Zinc is also an important building block of numerous enzymes, involved in your protein, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and are important for an optimal utilization of these nutrients. This will promote your gains. In Addition to this a zinc deficiency can reduce your metabolic rate, which can lead to an increase storage body fat.

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Recommended daily intake:

Take 1/2 tablet without chewing and with sufficient liquid

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