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Whey Connection Professional (1000g) - Zec+

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  • Content: 1000g

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The Whey Connection Professional protein drink consists of high-quality whey protein concentrate and 30% whey protein isolate

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23,76 €

23,76 € per Kilo
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ZEC + Whey Connection Professional as a protein drink


The Whey Connection Professional protein drink consists of high-quality whey protein concentrate and 30% whey protein isolate (ultra filtered & cross flow (CMF)). The rapid availability of these proteins is unique and makes this shake a special supplement that has proven itself particularly in muscle building . The contained whey mixture provides the body with low-calorie, high-quality protein, which is immediately available to the muscles. No muscle growth without proteins !

In addition to the whey proteins, the protein drink Whey Connection Professional contains a particularly high proportion of L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine, which are referred to as branched chain essential amino acids (Branched Chained Amino Acids / BCAA) and as building blocks for them Serve protein synthesis. Since the body cannot manufacture them itself, but they are vital for it, they have to be supplied via food or a supplement .


Whey Protein, BCAA, Enzyme & Probiotika

In addition to whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and BCAA, the protein shake Whey Connection Professional also contains enzymes and lactic acid bacteria. Per serving (40 g) 100 mg bromelain and 100 mg papain and 1 billion CFU (colony-forming units) are added to probiotic lactic acid bacteria (probiotics).

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, and papain, which is an enzyme found in papaya, make a useful nutritional supplement that splits nutrients from food and protects the immune system from pathogens. The probiotic lactic acid bacteria are among the most important representatives in the human intestinal flora and are said to have a positive influence on them. This combination contained in the ZEC + Whey Connection Professional provides the body with important enzymes and probiotics that ensure that the whey protein is better broken down and absorbed, and that gut health can be improved, which in turn benefits the immune system.


The professional protein shake with taste

The easily soluble powder of the Whey Connection Professional is simply dissolved in 250 ml of cold water and mixed in a shaker or blender to create a tasty protein drink. This supplement, which will have a positive effect with regular intake and correctly carried out muscle building training, is available in numerous flavors . Whether fruity banana for sweet fruit, creamy chocolate for chocoholics or in the neutral variety for purists - the Whey Connection Professional protein drink convinces all along the line.

Of course, as with all ZEC + supplements, the quality guarantee applies without compromise. High-quality, high-dose and highly effective ingredients, made in Germany and best value for money - try it now!


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    Cappuchino 10/10
    Honig Melone 10/10
    Peanut Butter 5/10
    Strawberry 9/10
    White Chocolate 9/10
    Baklava 0/10

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Add 40g powder + 250ml cold water to the blender jar and shake for 20 seconds

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