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Viking Whey - Gods Rage

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  • Content: 1000g

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Viking Whey - the protein for any fearless warrior who only wants the best for his steel-hard, invincible body

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21,93 €

21,93 € per Kilo
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1 kg
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As a strong, invincible Nordic warrior who does not fear death or devil, you need a whey protein that will give your fearsome, steel-hard, and strong muscles everything they need to become stronger and bigger as fast as possible


Product Highlights:

  • Carefully produced, exceptionally high-quality, undenatured whey protein concentrate - because only natural protein suits a true invincible Nordic power of nature
  • Contains all the healthy protein fractions you find in natural whey thanks to a manufacturing process that uses no heat or chemicals - because only a healthy warrior can be victorious
  • Featuring 78 grams of the highest quality protein per 100 grams you can buy for your gold and silver plunderage
  • Contains massive 7.1 grams of BCAAs per serving to maximize your protein synthesis and your gains of mass an strength
  • Strong anabolic muscle-building effect thanks to a very rapid and massive increase in blood amino acid levels
  • Contains only 1.8 grams of carbs per serving
  • Contains less than 1 gram of fat per serving
  • Very good solubility (as if that would interest a real warrior ...)
  • Unsurpassed delicious taste - even when with water - tastes much better than the sour milk the Vikings drank in bulk every day
  • Made in Germany - because the Teutons always knew what was good

* Please refrain from plundering our warehouses as this would hinder the secure supply of important supplements essential to Nordic Warriors.

Viking Whey - the protein for any fearless warrior who only wants the best for his steel-hard, invincible body

If you look more closely at the true story of the Vikings, you will soon realize that the image of eating mounds of meat all day that are often shown to us in Viking movies has nothing to do with reality. In reality their animals were far too important as suppliers of wool and milk and for this reason meat was only available on special occasions.

But how could the Vikings become such invincible, muscular and powerful warriors? The answer is simple: they ate a lot of protein in the form of fish and milk. In addition to water, sour milk was the main drink of the Nordic warriors. This shows once more how stupid the current claims of some nutrition “gurus” are that milk is only for babies and that milk from animals is only for animals and not for humans. Okay, there could be some truth the second part, because Vikings were real animals in terms of their freakish muscles and their superhuman power.

We thought that a food that has helped the Vikings to achieve their power and size would be worth to be turned into a concentrated, high-quality form as a new product for every modern successor to the invincible Northman – and therefore we have developed Viking Whey.

Viking Whey can shine with a high protein content of 78%, a very high biological value, an even higher than average content of anabolic BCAAs in comparison with other whey protein products and a low carbohydrate and fat content. As it is processed carefully, it is not denatured and contains all the healthy whey protein micro fractions that have already made the ancient Vikings big and strong.

Although it probably would not have mattered to a true Viking, who liked to drink his milk sour fermented, we made sure that Viking Whey has a very good solubility and an excellent taste - and up to the time of explicit customer inquiries we will not produce a batch with flavour "sour Milk". We accept the fact that tastes will change minimally over the centuries.

If you want to become a worthy follower of the invincible Nordic warriors, who feared neither death nor devil and whose fighting power and strength are legendary, it is best to use Viking Whey, the source of protein that made the Vikings what they were.


  • Titel:Whey für Krieger
    Krieger Whey mit leckeren Geschmack!
  • Titel:Stracciatella
    Lecker und nicht süß.

  • Titel:Triple Chocolate
    Der Geschmack von Triple Chocolate (mit Wasser) erinnert mich eher an Nougat als an Schokolade (hatte zumindest schon mal "schokoladigere" Shakes), ist aber trotzdem großartig. Ausgezeichnete Löslichkeit, klare Empfehlung.
  • Titel:Reinar
    Wikinger Met (Viking Mead) schmeckt Sher gut.
  • Titel:Super Lecker
    Super Lecker mit Wasser oder mein tipp mit Mandelmilch
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Viking, stir 30 g (1 scoop) viking whey into 250 -300 ml water and drink it right after your battle! Drink up to 3 shakes divided throughout your rest days to ensure protein supply for your warrior muscles!

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily intake indicated should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of young children!

Without genetic engineering.

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