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Protein Whey 1700g - ON


Ideal for Actice adults looking to support Muscle Growth

: Optimum Nutrition


: 1700g

: Whey Protein

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    Chocolate Milk Strawberry Smoothie

    The NEW Protein Whey/Your Muscle Growth

    The consumption of protein, particulary post exercise is known to helb kick start the muscle building process, otherwise known as muscle protein synthesis. The consumption of protein is also im portant throughtout the day. Daly protien cerommendation for those exercising may range between 1.2-2.0g/kg body weight. Consequently, regular protein intake at doses ranging between 20-25g are recommended every 3-5 hours, or as 4 evenly spaced meals.

    Beyond the basics

    • Ideal for Actice adults looking to support Muscle Growth*
    • All Sources of protein from Whey.
    • Instantised Proteins that Mix Easily.
    • Versatile Enough to Use Anytime.
    • Makes a Rich, Creamy Protein Shake for Before or After Exercise and Between Meals.

    Directions for Protein Whey

    Add 1 Scoop (32g) to 200ml (7oz) of cold water and blend, shake or stir until powder is completely dissolved.
    Tip: Yo can djust flavour by using more or less water.

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