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Summary of Delicious Muscle Building Whey Protein:

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Summary of Delicious Muscle Building Whey Protein:

Delicious Muscle Whey Protein acts ultra-fast and it is a specially formulated whey protein formula for the highest standards, ideal for maximum stimulation of muscle growth and lean muscle mass with a real creamy milk shake flavour.

Concept behind this extremely tasty and bodybuilding-friendly whey protein is an extreme high efficiency, created as a good tasting whey protein for elite Russian bodybuilders.

Even if you are not particularly fond of Russian top athletes, you will be astonished by its excellent taste, so try Delicious Muscle Whey Protein by Peak International now.

Advantages of Delicious Muscle Building Whey Protein:

  • Maximum flavour and texture
  • High in protein
  • Very high percentage of Whey Protein Isolate
  • Extra L-leucine (BCAA
  • Extra digestive enzymes
  • Minimum level of processing - bioactive
  • Maximum muscle growth

Origin of Delicious Muscle Building Whey Protein:

When desgining Delicious Whey Protein Muscle Building, the goal was clearly defined: a whey protein for the elite.

This is why our Whey should taste as good as a milkshake, high in quality that it leads to the highest possible growth of muscle cell mass. Furthermore, the protein is not denatured and contains valuable substances found in milk.

Despite the large quantity of whey proteins on the world market, these requirements have always been a challenge for the development teams. Whey proteins for commercial use have always had a great taste. This is mainly due to the addition of sugar, maltodextrine and/or use of an inferior Whey- commodity with a lot of fat and carbohydrates.

There are only few Whey proteins with a really good composition on the world market, offering an alternative and support to top athletes. However, these Wheys but are usually perceived as less tasty, sacrificing the taste to the function.

This has come to an end. After a period of intense experimentation we the recipe for Delicious Whey Protein Muscle Building, deputy director of the development team was able to say proudly:

„Under the leadership of Peak Performance Products and in cooperation with professional food scientists, the best raw material suppliers in the Whey-sector and with the inclusion of renowned pastry shops of Moscow and of course the product know-how of Peak, we have succeeded creating a a great tasting Whey milk shake that at the same time meets the special composition of all requirements regarding maximum stimulation of lean muscles with a minimal level of processing.“

How does Delicious Muscle Building Whey Protein work?

Delicious Muscle Building Whey Protein, contains a high proportion of 35% cross-flow filtered and ultra-filtered whey protein isolate and highest-quality cross-flow filtered and ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate and by the additional presence of the anabolic enhancers L-leucine to a real 85% protein, 27% and 52% BCAA EAA (essential amino acids) and provides you and your muscles with the highest quality of ultra fast muscle building material!

At the same time, thanks to a careful processing of valuable bioactive protein fractions and micro-structures are anabolic growth factors largely present in un-denatured form. Delicious Whey Protein Muscle Building contains a high percentage of glutamine and BCAA such as leucine and other growth factors such as beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, Glycomacropeptide, immunoglobulin G, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase - all important factors for maximum muscle growth.

The extra added digestive enzymes papain and bromelain improve the endogenous complex decomposition of the protein into peptides and amino acids, bioavailability and significantly improve the absorption rate of protein structures, and maximize flow of essential muscle building blocks into your blood stream. The added milk makes the cutting enzyme lactase Delicious Muscle Building Whey Protein also to the nonplus-ultra in terms of compatibility. p>

Delicious Muscle Building Whey Protein is an end to all compromises - maximum flavour and maximum impact!


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Für einen Whey Protein Drink wie ein Milchshake solltest Du 30 g Delicious Whey Protein in 300 ml Wasser oder Magermilch anmixen. Tipp: In einem Mixer gemixt schmeckt Delicious Whey Protein noch besser.

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