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The ZEC + whey protein isolate (ultra filtered & crossflow (CFM)) is the absolute number one among our proteins and THE diet recommendation amongst protein shakes.

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The ZEC + whey protein isolate (ultra filtered & crossflow (CFM)) is the absolute number one among our proteins and THE diet recommendation amongst protein shakes


Thanks to a small number of calories muscle building and diet can be supported simultaneously with this powder. Since the protein powder from WHEY ISOLATE virtually no carbohydrates or fats containing this protein shake is ideally suited for competition and competitive athlete or in a diet.

The special micro-filtration process, the whey protein gently extracted has a very high biological value and is a drink equally suitable for endurance and strength in the competition for bodybuilding or body shaping. No protein ends up as quickly in the blood pool like whey isolate highly pure, complex whey protein. It is digested within a short time and is therefore the body directly into the blood storage available. Even with about 100 kcal per shake (with the recommended amount of 30 g powder) is a good saturation and rapid supply guarantees the body with high-quality proteins and amino acids. Whey protein isolate is thus ideal for an intense workout suitable!


Whey protein isolate as in Shake

The formulation of ZEC + Whey isolate powder contains an optimal amino acid profile and is very rich in BCAAs - the good, essential amino acids isoleucine, leucine, lysine and valine. These are essential for our body, but can not be produced by the body and therefore must be supplied through a supplement. The drink suppots body as a high BCAA product in the fulfillment of demand and supply him with the amino acids that are important for muscle growth and maintenance of muscle mass! In addition, the protein shake contains a large amount of glutamine. Even those who follow a strict low-carb diet, should the protein shake with whey isolate access, because this is the ideal companion at any time. Outside such a diet is whey protein perfect for it eg in combination with maltodextrin in the morning or after exercise to eat.


WHEY ISOLATE even with lactose intolerance

Who responds to lactose with abdominal pain and bloating, and therefore looking for an alternative to a protein shake with lactose, can our protein shake with WHEY ISOLATE drink without hesitation, since low in lactose. The classically-delicious flavors chocolate, vanilla or strawberry or creative varieties like white chocolate, stracciatella and nut mix is the whey protein isolate, therefore, also an ideal drink for athletes with lactose intolerance, which, of course, like any other ambitious walkig great importance to a high-quality, high-efficiency and high-dose protein-drug combination set.

With cold water or milk in a shaker shaken for a drink which is powder as a supplement taken 1- to 3-times daily to itself.


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Mix 2 heaping scoops (30g) in 300 ml of cold water or milk 1-3 times a day.

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