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The KRYZTAL WHEY from Zec + Nutrition is a new, hydrolyzed whey protein , which has a very high solubility and has no milk taste

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The KRYZTAL WHEY from Zec + Nutrition is a new, hydrolyzed whey protein , which has a very high solubility and has no milk taste. With cold, still water, the protein powder with aroma results in a transparent, clear liquid without coloring and can therefore be referred to as protein water. Ideal as a summery, refreshing protein shake after training or in between as a delicious snack to meet your protein needs.

Whey protein ( whey ) is one of the best sources of protein intake for ambitious athletes and high-performance athletes. It has one of the highest levels of the essential amino acids , which, as the name suggests, are essential for building lean muscle mass.

Better absorption in the intestine!

Compared to isolated essential amino acids (EAAs), whey protein hydrolyzate has an advantage in terms of absorption speed, since the majority of the protein consists of di- and tri-peptides. Another factor is that the KRYZTAL WHEY hydrolyzate is absorbed in the intestine via other transporters than free amino acids.

Who is the KRYZTAL whey suitable for?

Everyone who wants to supply their body with all the amino acids it needs in the highest quality has come to the right place! High quality whey protein hydrolyzate with amazing solubility and a refreshing taste. Perfect for everyone who only wants the best for their body!


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Add 3 flat measuring spoons (= 30 g) of powder to 450 ml of cold water. Foaming possible. The foam disappears after a few minutes.

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