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Dairy Mass Gainer GN Laboratories - without added sugar

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Dairy Mass Gainer GN Laboratories - without added sugar

If you are looking for a weight gainer that maximizes your muscle gains and not your body fat percentage, our Dairy Mass Gainer is just what you need!

Product Highlights:

  • 33 grams of protein per serving in form of high-quality whey protein
  • Balanced matrix of complex carbohydrates from healthy natural sources
  • Rich in healthy fatty acids from healthy natural sources
  • Free of added sugar
  • Added myostatin inhibitor for maximum muscle growth
  • Contains CLA for increased gains of fat free muscle mass while minimizing fat gains
  • Contains the “super nutrient” colostrum
  • With added digestive enzymes to promote the digestion of the contained carbohydrates and less stress for your digestive tract
  • Contains added vitamins and minerals essential for muscle growth

Are you looking for a weight gainer that will give your muscle growth a maximum boost without maximize your body fat percentage, as other weight gainers often do?

Do you want a healthy weight-gainer with a nutritional profile that is more like a balanced, healthy meal, but does not stress your digestive tract more than the protein / sugar garbage sold as weight gainers by other companies? Do you need a Weight Gainer to accelerate and improve your post-workout recovery, and that can be used without guilty as substitute for a wholefood meal when you are in a hurry or when you are not hungry?

If you would answer only one of these questions with yes, then our Dairy Weight Gainer is exactly what you need!

Why classic weight gainers will build more fat than fat free muscle mass and are not worth their money

Weight Gainers are among the oldest bodybuilding supplements you can find on the market. Since the market launch of the now legendary Weider Crash Weight Gain # 7 in the sixties of the 20th century, this supplement category enjoys great popularity among countless bodybuilders who want to build muscle mass quickly. At the same time, Weight Gainers are frowned upon by many bodybuilders who do not want to gain a lot of body fat while gaining muscle mass. There are probably only a few supplements that polarize as strongly as weight gainers. But why do weight gainers have such a bad reputation with many bodybuilders? The answer has to do with the cheap and inferior garbage, many companies throw at the market as Weight Gainers for little money. These products usually consist of minimal amounts of protein - just 20 grams per serving or less - and a mixture of cheap simple sugars. These weight gainers may look like a bargain but in reality they are hopelessly overpriced if you look at what you get for your money. Even worse is the fact that they will harm your body's development more than they will do any good. If you're not a completely misguided IIFYM follower who truly believes that it does not make any difference whether you consume 100 grams of carbohydrates in form of sugar or 100 grams of carbohydrates in form of healthy whole grain products you will probably recognize pretty soon, what such a weight gainer will cause: a roller coaster of your blood sugar and insulin levels and a storage of most of its calories as body fat. And since the protein content of these cheap weight gainers is usually pretty low, they will not even stimulation a maximum muscle growth. Such weight gainers should bear the name fat gainer. And when the manufacturers of these weight gainers tell the customer that he can achieve maximum gains, they don’t even lie – but unfortunately these gains consist primary of body fat.

Finally, a weight gainer that will maximize your fat free muscle gains and instead of your body fat gains!

We believe that a weight gainer should maximize your gains of fat free muscle mass, while minimizing unwanted fat gains, so you don’t have to diet for month on end, to loose all the fat you gained during your bulking period. For this purpose, a weight gainer has to have the nutritional value of a healthy wholefood meal - instead of resembling a sugar bomb with some alibi protein. At the same time a good weight gainer should stress your digestive tract as little as possible, so you can even consume it before an intensive workout to take advantages of a maximum load of protein and other nutrients. You may already know this concept from our Gold Beef Gainer that has revolutionized the weight gainer supplements category years ago. To achieve this, an intelligent selection of high-quality ingredients and an optimal combination of these ingredients in the right proportions is essential. Protein is one of the key ingredients in any weight gainer and we have chosen whey protein with the highest biological value as our protein source. When it comes to protein, not only the quality, but also the quantity is very important. Many weight gainers contain only about 20 grams of protein or less per serving and that is by far not enough to maximize your gains of fat free muscle mass! Our Dairy Weight Gainer provides your body with 33 grams of high-quality protein per serving - more than enough to give your muscle protein synthesis a maximum boost.

But the choice of the right protein source is only half the battle when developing a good weight gainer. The selection of the right carbohydrate sources is at least as important. We only use complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index that supply your body long lasting energy without a crash in Energy. As a result, severe fluctuations of your blood sugar levels and your insulin levels will be avoided and an increased fat gain will be prevented. Our balanced mix of complex carbohydrates includes healthy complex carbohydrate sources such as whole grain oats, rice flour and the popular superfood quinoa - and we do not use any simple sugars! One ingredient that is often ignored in most weight gainers are healthy fats. Many bodybuilders see fat as something bad or even evil and therefore most manufacturers of weight gainers try to use low-fat formulas. This ignores the importance of healthy fats for health and muscle growth! We are not afraid to say that a portion of our Dairy Mass Gainer contains almost 20 grams of fat, because this fat consists mostly of healthy unsaturated fatty acids and essential, vitally important omega-3 fatty acids. The fat contained in our Diary Mass Gainer comes from healthy sources such as almond flour and linseed, which are two of the healthiest sources of healthy fats. In addition to this, we have included conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in our formula, whose unique merits will be discussed in more detail later.

Our Dairy Weight Gainer is much more than just a healthy weight gainer with a superior mix of healthy nutrients!

In addition to the already mentioned unique combination of high-quality protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids, our Dairy Mass Gainer contains many other ingredients to support maximum gains of fat free muscle mass and this separates our Diary Weight Gainer from most other weight gainers on the market:

Myostatin inhibitors

Myostatin is an endogenous messenger that prevents an uncontrolled or excessive muscle growth and therefore slows your muscle growth. Myostatin is the natural counterpart of anabolic growth factors. In animals whose endogenous myostatin production was deactivated by blocking the responsible gene, a dramatic increase in muscle mass by up to 40% was observed.
Although synthetic myostatin inhibitors, which completely inhibit the production of myostatin, are still a dream of the future, and are probably not desirable from a health perspective, there are already natural active ingredients available that are able to reduce your natural myostatin production and thus will significantly increase your muscle growth. We have incorporated one of the most effective of these ingredients into our Dairy Mass Gainer to give you the best results a weight gainer has to offer.

Colostrum (20% immunoglobulin G)

Colostrum is the milk produced by mammals during the first 18 to 36 hours after giving birth. This milk is particularly rich in protein, enzymes, growth factors, cytokines, antibodies and immune factors that will strengthen the immune system of the newborn. Colostrum provides the newborn with a maximum amount of important nutrients and vital substances. In addition to the innumerable health benefits colostrum has to offer, this special kind of milk contains high concentrations of growth factors such as IGF-I, IFG-II and TGF-alpha, TGF-beta 1 and TGF-beta 2, which are of particular interest to bodybuilders and athletes. Even if such complex protein molecules can not pass the digestive tract intact, scientific studies conclude that colostrum stimulates the body's production of IGF-1 and will increase your muscle growth in conjunction with weight training.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)

Conjugated linoleic acid, better known as CLA, is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in food. Conjugated linoleic acid has been shown to increase muscle growth while stimulating a reduction in body fat and inhibiting body fat gains. CLA appears to have a nutrient redistributing effects. This means that nutrients you consume in form of food are preferably used for building new muscle mass rather than being stored in your fat cells. This makes CLA an ideal addition for any bulking phase as it prevents a weight gainer from becoming a "fat gainer".

Digestive enzymes

In addition to its unique matrix of high-quality complex carbohydrates Our Dairy Mass Gainer also contains the digestive enzyme alpha amylase, which helps your body to digest complex carbohydrates and to break them up in simple sugars that can be absorbed through the intestines. The addition of alpha amylase relieves your digestive tract and can prevent digestive problems due to a high nutrient intake.

Vitamins and minerals needed for muscle growth

Even so almost all vital body functions will be hampered or come to a standstill, if insufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals are consumed, vitamins and minerals are among the most frequently overlooked nutrients. The B vitamins in particular have positive effects on energy metabolism, protein metabolism and glycogen metabolism. For this reason, we have added high doses of important key vitamins and minerals to our Dairy Mass Gainer to help you to meet your increased demand for these nutrients and to prevent that something as banal as a vitamin deficiency will impede your progress. The natural trace element chromium is important for the carbohydrate metabolism and the regulation of blood sugar levels and supports the body in using complex carbohydrates for muscle growth and replenishing the glycogen stores post workout. In addition to this, additional chromium can prevent a chromium deficiency, which will impair your carbohydrate metabolism and can promote a storage of carbohydrates in the form of body fat.

What are the most popular applications for our Dairy Mass Gainer?

Muscle growth for hardgainers

So called hardgainers are, who find it difficult to gain muscle mass and weight. They often have a very high metabolic rate, which makes it almost impossible for them to consume sufficient amounts of calories for muscle growth. A high-quality weight gainer like our Dairy Mass Gainer can help these Athletes to consume additional calories in concentrated form that will not unnecessarily stress their digestive tract but still will provide all the nutrients essential for gains of fat free muscle mass.

Increased calorie and nutrient intake for power athletes and hardcore bodybuilders

Athletes who work out hard, intensive and long need higher amounts of nutrients to meet their nutrient and calorie requirements. An attempt to cover these highly elevated nutrient requirements solely by wholefood meals can stress your digestive tract and this can easily impair your workout performance. Hard working athletes can benefit greatly from consuming weight-gain shakes between meals, which will provide them with the nutrients needed for intensive workouts and post-workout recovery in a high-quality, easily digestible form.

Optimization of your post-workout recovery

After working out, your body needs a lot of high-quality protein and high-quality carbohydrates to convert an exercise-induced catabolic environment into an anabolic, muscle-boosting environment and to replenish your depleted muscle glycogen stores as fast as possible. Our Dairy Mass Gainer supplies your body with everything you need for fast post workout recovery. A second shake 60 to 90 minutes post workout can further promote your post-workout recovery.

Meal replacement

Our Dairy Mass Gainer does not consist of a cheap mixture of small amounts of protein with large amounts of simple sugars like most other weight gainers and contains everything you need: high-quality protein, a balanced mixture of complex carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids. Therefore it can be used as substitute for a wholefood meal whenever you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to prepare a wholefood meal


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    Ich habe mir den Gainer zugelegt, da ich einen vollwertigen Ersatz für eine Mahlzeit gesucht habe. Nachdem ich zig Gainer und Caseinprotein probiert habe, wollte ich schon aufgeben, da ich nach spätestens 1h wieder Hunger hatte.Der Diarygainer hat mich vollkommen überzeugt,da er mich für locker 4h satt macht und auch noch supergeil schmeckt!Ein Blick auf die Nährwerte sagen ja schon alles. Kein billiger Malto/Dextroschrott,hat dafür auch seinen Preis.Absolute Kaufempfehlung!
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Recommended daily intake: Dissolve 150 g powder in 500-600ml water or milk and drink it.

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