Mass Gainer 4000g

Mass Gainer 4000g - ProteinBuzz


High-catorie Carbohydrate and protein comptex with extra amino acids!

: ProteinBuzz


: 4000g

: Whey Gainer

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    High-catorie Carbohydrate and protein comptex with extra amino acids!

    Product rieh in simple and complex carbohydrates, allowing an easy intake of the necessary extra calories while maintaining a normal and varied diet. The protein content of the product contributes to increasing and maintaining muscle mass. The high content of essential and conditionally essential amino acids, complete with an added Amino Tripeptides, BCAA and L-Glutamine formula, äs well äs taurine amino acid, further improves the amino acid profile. The mediunvchain triglyceride (MCT) content of the product provides a greatsource of energy for your active days, without the risk of accumulation.

    Mix 2 measuring spoons (150 g) of powder with 400 ml water. 2 servings are recornmended, between meals. On training days, take the second serving within 15 minutes after workout.

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