Ultra Mass Stacker 2

Ultra Mass - Stacker 2


Ultra Mass Stacker 2 - Growth through an optimum protein-carbohydrate ratio!

: Stacker 2


: 4500g

: Whey Gainer

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    Ultra Mass Stacker 2 - Growth through an optimum protein-carbohydrate ratio!

    What would the ultimate mass gainer look like? To start with, it has to be a chunk of calories with the ideal protein-carbohydrate ratio. Then, you want the smallest amount of sugar and very little saturated fat. The mass gainer has to be capable of increasing your body weight by a minimum of 5-6 kg per month. There are hundreds of mass gainers on the market, but how many do you know of that will match the above profile? If you are looking for the ultimate mass gainer you have found it: Ultra Mass. There simply is no better product.

    The benefits of Ultra Mass

    • Growth through an optimum protein-carbohydrate ratio.
    • Growth through 42 grams of protein per serving.
    • Growth through a protein blend consisting of WPI, WPC, MC and MPI.
    • Growth through sugar-free carbohydrates.
    • Growth through 912 calories per serving.

    Ultra Mass Stacker 2 - Growth through an optimum protein-carbohydrate ratio!

    No matter how much heavy training you put in at the gym, without the right nutrition you will not see the results. You need to eat to grow your body - and to grow extremely fast you need a high-dose weight gainer to supplement the essential proteins and carbohydrates. Ultra Mass Stacker 2 gives your body exactly what it needs.

    The nutritional value 

    Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. Ultra Mass Stacker 2 only contains proteins with a high biological value, no wheat or soy proteins. Ultra Mass contains whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate for rapid absorption, and a combination of milk protein isolate and calcium caseinate for sustained release of, among other substances, glutamine.

    Ultra Mass does not contain any sugar but a combination of glucose, maltodextrine and fructose which ensures gradual release in your body.
    A serving of Ultra Mass contains 8 essential amino acids, including nearly 10 g of BCAAs (muscle growth and recovery) and more than 7 g of Glutamine. Which explains why Ultra mass work so well! 
    Ultra Mass contains absolutely no ingredients that don’t belong in a mass gainer, so no creatine, caffeine, hormones or aspartame. Ultra Mass is safe to use every day, 365 days a year. If you want to give your body the very best mass gainer: choose Ultra Mass.

    Make a shake by stirring 5 scoops of Ultra Mass (approx. 220 g) into 500 ml of milk (recommended), or water. Drink two shakes a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

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