Vita Boost - Stacker 2

Vita Boost - Stacker 2


Vita Boost is an extreme-dose multivitamin supplement

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    Vita Boost is an extreme-dose multivitamin supplement

    The human body is incapable of making most vitamins and minerals itself, so you have to get them from your food. A well-balanced diet contains sufficient vitamins and minerals, but a hectic lifestyle and eating on the run don't always make it possible to get all the nutrition you need. It becomes even harder if you train intensively, because that is when you have an increased need for nutrients (such as the B vitamins). For sports people additional protection against harmful free radicals is also advisable. Vita Boost gives you exactly the support you, as a sports person, need to maximize your health.

    • Healthy balance of essential vitamins and minerals.
    • Contains antioxidants.
    • Pharmaceutical-grade product.
    • No risk of overdosing.
    • A conscious and safe choice.

    The most important vitamins for you as a sports person, and how they work

    Whether you're into weight training, endurance sports or athletics: your goal will always be to train your body in a healthy way and to become fitter, faster or more muscled. Your finely tuned body has more muscle mass (protein) than less active people. This means your metabolism is a lot faster and your body has an increased need for vitamins and minerals. In strength sports, such as weight training and athletics, the muscles require increased absorption of, especially, vitamin A, vitamin E and the different forms of B complex.

    Vita Boost contains extremely high quantities of exactly those vitamins and minerals that you, as a sports person, need more of, and is therefore a conscious and safe addition to your daily nutritional regime.

    Take 2 capsules with breakfast (with a glass of water or juice) and 2 capsules in the afternoon (with a glass of water).

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