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Chela-Mag B6 60 Caps - Olimp Sport Nutrition

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REMEMBER! While choosing a mineral preparation, always look for the ALBION®MINERALS label on the packaging.

OLIMP CHELA–MAG B6 is a diet supplement containing highly assimilated magnesium combined with vitamin B6. A combination of these two components doubles the effect of improved operation of the nervous system, particularly when you suffer from hyperexcitability, lack of concentration and higher susceptibility to stress.

What are the symptoms of magnesium deficiency?

The human body often suffers from a deficiency of this element. If you often drink alcohol, coffee, undergo treatment with antibiotics or take hormone medicines, it can cause considerable depletion of magnesium reserves in the body. Other factors contributing to magnesium deficiency can be: inappropriate diet rich in animal fats, sugar, highly-processed foodstuffs or low-calorie slimming diets. Among the typical symptoms of magnesium deficiency in the body we can list: muscle tremor and myospasms, a state of depression, weakened vital forces, insomnia or loss of appetite.

Why is magnesium so important for our health?

Besides its significant influence on the functioning of the nervous system, magnesium plays an important role in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It is connected with some properties of this element which make it lower blood fat level, dilate blood vessels, prevent increased coagulability and diminish the sensitivity of the cardiac muscle to hypoxia. Moreover, magnesium strengthens the bone tissue and prevents increased fragility of bones, particularly in women during menopause.


OLIMP CHELA-MAG B6 is a mineral preparation awarded with the Gold Medal ALBION®. It guarantees the highest effectiveness of treatment. Only products labelled with this symbol are characterised by the highest bioavailability, which makes them outrival other preparations on the market. All these parameters have been confirmed in scientific research results of which are presented below:


All studies over bioavailability run by Abrams, et al1, Schuette, et al.2 and Roussouw and Brummelen3 indicated that magnesium bisglycinate chelate is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium. In a double blind trial, Rossouw and Brummelen indicated that bioavailability of magnesium chelate was similar to magnesium chloride. The volunteers participating in the study (a group of healthy sportswomen) were divided into two groups – one was given magnesium chelate and the other magnesium chloride. Next, blood samples were collected in order to determine serum magnesium contents 0,1,2,3,4,12 and 24 hours after the administration and so were urine samples within the periods of 0-4, 4-8, 8-12 and 12-24 hours after the administration (to determine level of magnesium excreted into the urine). The diagram in fig. 1 presents changes in serum magnesium, in both groups over the period of 24 hours, whereas fig. 2 shows differences in the level of magnesium excreted into urine over the period of 24 hours. The difference turns out to be statistically important.

Fig. 1. Changes in serum magnesium values in two groups: one taking magnesium chelate (bisglycinate) and the other taking magnesium chloride over a 24 hour period.

The analysis of diagrams in fig. 1 presenting serum magnesium values (below the curves) indicated that the absorption rate of magnesium chelate is 228% higher than the absorption of magnesium chloride.

Fig. 2 Differences in urinary magnesium values (excreted) over 24 hours.

The analysis of data in fig.2 – urinary magnesium values indicated that the total quantity of magnesium excreted with urine was higher in the members of the group which took magnesium chloride. It proves that magnesium from chelate is better used, which means its absorption is higher.

Magnesium bisglycinate chelate manufactured by Albion® also turned out to be a better tolerated form of magnesium2, as well as to produce a weaker laxative effect than other forms of magnesium, such as e.g. magnesium oxide.

Resources: Albion Research Notes October 2003

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  2. Bioavailability of magnesium diglycinate vs. magnesium oxide in patients with ileal resection, Schuette SA, Lashner BA, and Janghorbani IY, J Parent Ent Nutr, 18:430-435, 1994.
  3. The bioavailability of four magnesium supplement preparations, Roussouw J and Brummelen R, Publication pending.

REMEMBER! While choosing a mineral preparation, always look for the ALBION®MINERALS label on the packaging.

Albion Laboratories® has been the only company in the world to develop the most precise and efficient process of transforming minerals into a form well assimilated by the body. Thanks to a unique technique of chelating minerals (thanks to a special combination with amino acids), Albion® minerals are over ten times better absorbed than other standard preparations! Moreover, they are resistant to antinutritious substances, do not weaken the action of vitamins and pose a smaller risk of overdosing. This innovative and patented by Albion achievement in the field of mineral production can be found in OLIMP CHELA MAG-B6.

Don’t buy cheap and unreliable products. Your health and feeling are not worth it!

Who do we recommend OLIMP CHELA-MAG B6 to ?

Elderly people are particularly susceptible to magnesium deficiency. There are other various geriatric diseases which increase the need for this element in the body, e.g. circulatory insufficiency, arterial hypertension or diabetes. People who have a low-calorie or unbalanced diet, drink coffee or moderate or large amounts of alcohol should also consider taking diet supplements.</p

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1 capsule per day after a meal.

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