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Super assimilated form of vitamin C PureWay-C with neutral, stomach friendly pH!

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    Super assimilated form of vitamin C (ESTER-C®) with neutral, stomach friendly pH!

    This diet supplement contains a new, innovative form of vitamin C, C-ESTER C®, which has a very high bio-accessibility for the organism. Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients strongly supporting the immune system. Moreover, it strengthens the structure of joint bones, skin, blood vessels and other important tissues in our organisms.

    Why does vitamin C protect us so efficiently against diseases?

    Vitamin C is one of the main “pillars” supporting the functioning of our immune system. It is a real enemy of pathogenic germs, parasites, microbes and free radicals which have no chance of survival after contact with the vitamin. Vitamin C improves immunity to infection by boosting the activity of defence cells and increasing production of immunological substances which prevent reproduction of viruses.

    Can vitamin C prevent tissue ageing?

    Thanks to sufficient intake of vitamin C, our organism produces huge amounts of collagen and protein which connects and strengthens elements of our body. Vitamin C is indispensable for maintaining healthy skin and retarding the appearance of wrinkles. It also prevents the development of other health problems connected with age, e.g. degenerative changes in joints and circulatory system.

    How does vitamin C help detoxify the organism?

    It is an extremely important nutrient which assists discharging such harmful elements as lead or mercury, decreases cholesterol level and enables its transformation into bile acids. Vitamin C also helps to neutralise nitrosamines – carcinogenic substances which can contribute to the creation of neoplastic changes within the digestive system.

    Should we consume vitamin C in the form of supplements?

    As a result of unfavourable environmental factors that surround us, worsening quality of food, inappropriate lifestyle and constant stress, our need for vitamin C increases steadily. Covering the increased needs of the organism for this component with a standard diet may be insufficient, therefore it is recommended to provide it in a form of an additional supplement.

    Who should use GOLD-VIT C® 1000 Forte?

    This diet supplement is particularly recommended during exposure to increased stress conditions, for smokers and people who often drink alcohol. It is recommended the supplement be taken when the risk of infection is quite high, particularly during antibiotic treatment, but also while taking contraceptive medicines or during hormone replacement therapy (HRT)


    Microencapsulated L-ascorbic Acid (PureWay-C®) (Vit.C), Citrus Bioflavonoids, anti-caking agent - Magneisum salts of fatty acids; bulking agent - microcrystaline cellulose, capsule (gelatine, colour: E171)


    1 capsule per day, after a meal unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The supplement cannot substitute a varied diet.

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