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Vitamin B2 Health+ - Zec+

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  • Content: 180 capsules

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If you are looking for vitamin B2 as a nutritional supplement, the HEALTH + Vitamin B2 capsules are a good choice

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Vitamin B2 capsules as a dietary supplement

If you are looking for vitamin B2 as a nutritional supplement, the HEALTH + Vitamin B2 capsules are a good choice to counteract an undersupply or to prevent it in advance. This vitamin, which is important for the body, is riboflavin / lactoflavin, a water-soluble B vitamin that cannot be stored in the body. A regular intake - be it through food or through a food supplement if the food intake does not meet the need - is therefore necessary.


The daily requirement of vitamin B2 can be covered by:

  • 4 glasses of milk
  • 4 eggs
  • 50 grams of pork liver
  • 150 grams of rye germs
  • 230 grams of Camembert
  • 375 grams of sliced ​​cheese


However, if you do not eat these foods, you can cover your daily needs with the HEALTH + Vitamin B2 capsules as a dietary supplement - and with just one capsule a day!


Why is vitamin B2 important?

Riboflavin plays an important role for the body and is absorbed through the small intestine. It acts as a building block for various coenzymes and plays an essential role in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. This ensures that these macronutrients can be converted into energy. However, if the body lacks vitamin B2 and there is a deficiency, these metabolic processes or the entire energy metabolism no longer function properly. The B vitamins B3 ( niacin ) and B6 ( pyridoxine ) are not fully effective. The nervous system, skin, mucous membranes, red blood cells, eyesight, iron metabolism and protection against oxidative stressbenefit from an adequate supply of riboflavin. Fatigue or fatigue can be reduced with vitamin B2. It is currently still being investigated whether a vitamin B2 dose can help migraine patients to alleviate their symptoms. Dietary supplements with the HEALTH + Vitamin B2 capsules can thus have a variety of effects and increase health and well-being.

With this product you get a nutritional supplement of the highest quality and safety that does not require any additives or fillers - HEALTH + quality made in Germany!

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Take 1 capsule daily with plenty of water half an hour before a meal.

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