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Crixus B Vitamins - Gods Rage

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  • Content: 60 capsules

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B vitamins are a group of essential vitamins that are involved in a wide variety of vital bodily processes.

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Crixus B Vitamins

Use the unbridled power of B vitamins for maximum energy, infinite fighting power and rapid recovery after brutal battles, as well as for building superhumanly tall and strong muscles to be ready to fight any opponent like a real Roman gladiator.

Product Highlights:

  • Can reduce fatigue to help you to endure even the longest and hardest attacks of brutal opponents
  • Can promotes an optimal blood flow and a maximum supply of your hard-working muscles with much-needed nutrients, oxygen and endogenous anabolic hormones
  • Can protect DNA and cells of your body - and especially your muscles - from damage and destruction by increased levels of free radical that will inevitably be produced in large amounts during hard physical exertion
  • Can optimize and accelerate your recovery after hard fights to make you ready for the next brutal battle faster and with increased power
  • B vitamins are needed for your body's endogenous production of male, muscle-building hormones that can make the difference between a glorious gladiator and a miserable, fat roman slave
  • B vitamins are needed for an optimal functioning of your nervous system, without which you could neither think clearly nor move your sword forcefully in combat
  • B vitamins are needed for blood formation and maintenance of normal red blood cells, without which your hard-working muscle could not be supplied with oxygen or nutrients
  • B vitamins are needed for your body’s protein metabolism and amino acid synthesis, which is essential for building and maintaining large and strong muscles
  • B Vitamins can contribute to optimal vision that will enable you to recognize every enemy from afar
  • Highly dosed with 300% of the recommended daily allowance of all B vitamins contained, to protect you from all eventualities and to maintain your maximum fighting power
  • Does not contain arbitrary mega doses of vitamins that would do you more harm than good in the long term

Why are the vitamins in Crixus B Vitamins of such importance to the fighting spirit and well-being of every gladiator in the arena of heavy weights?

B vitamins are a group of essential vitamins that are involved in a wide variety of vital bodily processes. The group of B vitamins is so important for both health and well-being, as well as for maximum physical performance and combat effectiveness, that we have dedicated our vitamin B product to one of the most glorious gladiators and freedom fighters against the Roman Empire: Crixus, the greatest military leader under Spartacus, who brought the Roman Empire to its knees with an army of slaves and gladiators in the year 73 BC.

Before being enslaved by Rome, Crixus was a proud Gallic warrior with overwhelming courage and overwhelming fighting power, which could only be brought down by a vast superiority of Roman legionaries and Rome's superior weaponry. After taking advantage of modern Roman weaponry through his experience in the arena, he finally became the superior fighter that every legionary trembled with awe.

If you too are a proud and courageous fighter in the eternal struggle against the cold steel of the weights in the gym, the modern science of vitamin supplementation can provide you with what your body desperately needs for maximum and sheer superhuman achievements. This supplement technology can be for you, what was Crixus access to superior Roman weapon technology: your key to success and unprecedented gains in brute force and rock-hard muscle mass.

Among other things, the particular importance of vitamins of the vitamin B complex for each gladiator in the arena of cold steel and heavy iron is based on the fact that these vitamins play crucial roles in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. A lack of even one of these vitamins can therefore limit your energy and performance in the fight against the cold steel of the weights and your ability to recover from hard and gruelling battles.


  • Titel:Mehr Energie
    Habe deutlich mehr Energie dank den B-Vitaminen. Hilft mir sehr meinen Arsch hoch zu bekommen! Super Design hat die Dose auch noch!
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