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Vitamin B12 Complex - GN Laboratories

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  • Content: 120 capsules

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The vitamin complex that can protect you from a vitamin B12 deficiency with all its negative effects on health and athletic performance

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Vitamin B12 Complex

The vitamin complex that can protect you from a vitamin B12 deficiency with all its negative effects on health and athletic performance and that will also take into account the important interactions of vitamin B12 and folate.

Product Highlights:

  • To cover the increased vitamin B12 demands of athletes, vegans and other people with increased vitamin B12 needs
  • Can counteract a widespread deficiency of vitamin B12 and folat
  • Can help maintaining optimal energy levels and a proper function of your fat metabolism for maximum exercise energ
  • Is essential for the blood formation
  • Is essential for an optimal function of your nervous system and thus also for an optimal muscle function
  • Contains biologically active folate instead of biologically inactive folic acid, which must first be converted into folate in your bod
  • With 3 different forms of vitamin B12 for an optimal effec
  • Contains 500 mcg vitamin B12, which corresponds to 166 times the daily requirement
  • Due to the very close interaction of vitamin B12 and folate our Vitamin B12 Complex contains both of these essential vitamins to ensure the best possible effect
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Vitamin B 12

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that your body cannot produce itself and which therefore has to be supplied by food or in the form of supplements. Strictly speaking, vitamin B12 is not a vitamin, but a group of compounds known as cobalamins that are enzymatically converted into the active form of vitamin B12 called cyanocobalamin in your body. We use three different cobalamins in our vitamin B12 Complex 3 to ensure an optimal absorption and use.

Vitamin B12 is required for a number of vital body processes including cell division, energy metabolism, nervous system function, DNA synthesis, the synthesis of numerous important hormones and neurotransmitters, fat metabolism and the breakdown of homocysteine, which ist associated with arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

As you can see, vitamin B12 is also essential for a number of important processes for athletes and bodybuilders (without cell division there is no muscle growth, with a restricted production of red blood cells the supply of your muscles with oxygen and nutrients will be impaired, with an impaired energy metabolism you will lack exercise energy, etc.).

Why vitamin B12 and folate should be used in combination

Vitamin B12 and folate interact very closely in your body. They are both required for the degradation of harmful homocysteine, which is associated with arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Since vitamin B12 is responsible for converting folic acid - the inactive form of folate - back into active folate, a vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to a functional folic acid deficiency, even in the context of a sufficient folate intake (5, 6). In turn, a folate deficiency can lead to vitamin B12 being unable to perform some of its functions. In other words, these two vitamins are urgently dependent on each other.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that about 25% of the population suffer from a genetic mutation known as MTHFR mutation (10), which impairs the interaction of folate and vitamin B12 during the degradation of harmful homocysteine (11) and increases the need for both vitamins.

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1 capsule unchewed with plenty of water.

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of young children!


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