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A high-quality, well-tolerated vegan protein source with a very high natural BCAA content, that is virtually free of potential allergens and therefore particularly well suited for allergy sufferers

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10,05 €

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10,05 € per Kilo
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1.1 kg
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A high-quality, well-tolerated vegan protein source with a very high natural BCAA content, that is virtually free of potential allergens and therefore particularly well suited for allergy sufferers

Product Highlights:

  • Higher biological value than casein
  • Low carbohydrate and low fat
  • The perfect protein source for vegetarians and vegans
  • Hypoallergenic and free of potential allergens such as soy, gluten and milk protein
  • Contains high levels of anabolic and anti-catabolic BCAAs that can compete with whey protein
  • Free from phytoestrogens
  • Pure rice protein isolate
  • Easily digestible and well tolerated

Plant protein sources have a bad reputation amongst bodybuilders and strength athletes, what is not entirely unfounded, as many plant proteins have only a modest biological value. The only plant protein that has been successful on the supplement market so far is soy protein, which has a high biological value for a plant protein.

However, soy protein has some major drawbacks

These include, among other things, an unpleasant aftertaste and potential allergic reactions in people who are allergic to soy products. In addition, soy protein contains so-called phytooestrogens - herbal ingredients that have an oestrogen-like effect and can cause side effects such as water retentions and a reduction in the body's natural production of muscle building hormones in men. In addition, soy protein is often made from genetically modified soybeans, and this is generally not stated on the label.

However, there is another, very high quality plant protein: rice protein isolate. Rice protein isolate is a complete protein, meaning that it contains all the essential amino acids. With a biological value of 80, rice protein isolate even has a higher biological value than casein protein, which is very popular amongst bodybuilders. Interestingly, the amino acid profile of rice protein is very similar to the amino acid profile of mother’s milk.

Rice protein isolate is very rich in anabolic and anti-catabolic branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and in this regard it can compete with whey protein, which is known for its high content of BCAAs. In contrast to soy protein, rice protein is free of phytooestrogens and male users do not have to worry about possible oestrogen-related side effects. In addition, rice protein has a neutral taste, which can not be said of soy protein that has an aftertaste that almost always stands out. Rice protein is a so-called hypoallergenic protein, meaning that it is virtually free of potential allergens such as soy, milk protein and gluten and is usually well tolerated by allergy sufferers. Rice protein also contains no lactose, which makes it an excellent alternative to whey protein, casein and milk protein isolate for people suffering from lactose intolerance. Because rice protein isolate is a pure vegetable protein, it is ideal for vegetarians and vegans looking for a high-quality protein source that promotes and supports muscle gains and recovery.

As an added bonus, rice protein is easily digestible and usually very well tolerated. Rice protein will not cause digestive problems and flatulence that plague many people consuming large amounts of animal protein every day. Rice protein has a minimal impact on your digestive tract and can therefore be consumed shortly before exercise without impairing the subsequent workout. Scientific research also suggests that rice protein could lower cholesterol levels and improve insulin sensitivity.


  • Titel:Sehr gut
    Gerade probiert, Vanille schmeckt gut (etwas anders als Whey im Abgang), Konsistenz scheint etwas "pulvrig", vllt habe ich zu wenig Wasser dazu gemischt.
    Abzug für die irreführenden Angaben: Auf der Verpackung steht lactosefrei, aber die Aromen enthalten trotzdem Lactose. Außerdem wird im Text Isolat angepriesen, aber es ist laut Inhaltsangaben nur Konzentrat enthalten (sollte aber logisch sein bei dem Preis).
    Beides stört mich eigentlich nicht, ist aber nicht sehr transparent.
  • Titel:Der Hammer!
    Das beste Reisprotein in Schokolade was ich kenne. Kaum sandiger Geschmack, super Schokoladen Geschmack und angenehme Konsistenz wie Süße.
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Recommende daily intake: 30g powder with 250ml-300ml Water

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