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Reis Grieß Pudding - GN Laboratories

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  • Content: 3000g

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Delicious rice pudding that can be prepared in 2 minutes and that will provide you with complex carbohydrates for maximum workout energy and an optimum post-workout recovery!

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24,68 €

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Delicious rice pudding that can be prepared in 2 minutes and that will provide you with complex carbohydrates for maximum workout energy and an optimum post-workout recovery!


Product highlights:

  • Delicious rice pudding that can be prepared quickly and easily without cooking
  • Complex carbohydrates for lasting training energy, post-workout recovery and muscle building
  • Perfect consistency thanks to extruded (popped) ric
  • Only 0.2% sugar
  • Enjoyment without regrets
  • Made from 100% rice
  • Free from artificial additives
  • Perfect as breakfast, snack, dessert, pre-workout energy supply and post-workout recovery booster


The delicious rice pudding that goes well with your healthy sports diet

Don't we all love a bowl of delicious rice pudding? Unfortunately, the preparation of rice pudding is quite tedious and time-consuming, while ready-made rice pudding is usually full of sugar and does not go well with your fitness and bodybuilding diet.

But we have good news for you: GN rice pudding is now available and has none of the disadvantages of ordinary rice pudding, but all the advantages of healthy sports nutrition - and it is also incredibly tasty.

But what makes our GN rice pudding so special and, above all, different? On one hand it is virtually free of sugar with only 0.2% sugar and on the other hand you only need some hot water and 2 minutes time to enjoy this delicacy - no blood sugar roller coaster and no tedious cooking!

Our rice pudding has a consistency that is comparable to that you know from traditional rice pudding - and that without cooking. You may wonder how this is possible. The explanation is as simple as it is ingenious: our secret is the use of extruded (puffed) rice, which makes a rice pudding like consistency possible without the need of cooking.

And unlike ready-made rice pudding, as you know it from your supermarket, our rice pudding is not a sugar bomb, but provides you with complex carbohydrates for long-lasting energy instead of sending your blood sugar and insulin levels on a roller coaster ride - not to mention the cravings shortly after consuming the traditional sugar bomb called ready-made rice pudding….

Enjoy our GN rice pudding as breakfast, snack and dessert, as well as a pre- and post-workout meal. Eaten before your workout GN rice pudding will provide you with maximum workout energy for hard and intensive workouts and after your workout it will support your post-workout recovery for maximum gains of strength and muscle mass.

Only your imagination will be the limit when it comes to pimp our rice pudding Our rice pudding is unsweetened and free of artificial flavourings, which will give you maximum flexibility when it comes to preparation.

Combine GN rice pudding with the protein powder of your choice and your preferred flavour for a protein bomb with a boost of complex carbohydrates, which is ideal for supporting your post-workout recovery or as a wholesome tasty meal that will give you all your body needs.

Use a vegan protein powder for a vegan, tasty, wholesome protein meal. Use Favour Drops to give your rice pudding an infinite range of flavours.

Combine your rice pudding with fresh fruit to prepare a delicious energy and vitamin bomb. Of course you can also combine these options with each other - the possibilities are endless and you will never get bored of your GN rice pudding.


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Mix desired amount of rice semolina pudding with boiling water and let swell for 2 minutes. You will get a perfect result with a mixing ratio of 1:3 (100 g rice flour / 300 ml water).

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