Tribulus Maximus - Biotech USA

Tribulus Maximus - Biotech USA


Biotech Tribulus Maximus Ultra high dosage of tribulus!

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     Biotech Tribulus Maximus Ultra high dosage of tribulus!

    • 100 % Natural Testosterone enhancer
    • Maximum Tribulus – Maximum Testosterone
    • No compromise!

    Tribulus Terrestris is a herb and used medicinally for its virilizing effects. Studies have shown a better than 30% increase in testosterone levels when taking the Tribulus Terrestris herb.
    Tribulus Terrestris is enhancing testosterone level by increasing lutenizing hormone (LH) levels. LH signals the pituitary gland to naturally produce more testosterone.
    Tribulus Terrestris is an all natural herbal alternative to synthetic anabolic hormones. Increased levels of testosterone promote protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance. The benefits for the athlete are muscle cell growth and increased body strength, as well as faster recuperation and recovery.
    BioTech Tribulus Terrestris is the safe and legal way of increasing the testosterone levels in the body. Who doesn't want bigger muscles and a better sex lifeω Try out the miraculous effect of Tribulus yourself!

    Directions for Tribulus Maximus

    Take one tablet per day with the beverage of your choice.

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