King Leonidas Sparta Rage

King Leonidas Sparta Rage - Gods Rage


Increase your natural testosterone levels and reign mercilessly over all your enemies and the cold iron in the gym

: Gods Rage

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    Increase your natural testosterone levels and reign mercilessly over all your enemies and the cold iron in the gym

    "Listen ye brave and fearless Spartans, your King Leonidas calls you! After countless brutal but victorious battles, you and Ephialtes have gone to the depths of hell to rest and gather new strength for merciless battles against over-powerful enemies that would be invincible to anyone but you! Now these brutal enemies have come and your glorious leader King Leonidas needs you to defend the freedom and honour of Sparta against the inhuman and hateful beasts that want to destroy Sparta on new blood drenched battlefields in murderous and merciless battles. This enemy is many times superior in numbers, but that's what you brave Spartiaten that bring sure death to any supremacy of enemies need.

    Fighting against an equal number of enemies would be as cowardly and dishonourable to you as stealing food from a defenceless child, as every Spartan surpasses the fighting power of dozens of opponents. You have fought in many battles and none could give you what you call a "beautiful death". So you pray to Zeus and all the gods of Olympus, that there on the battlefield all armies of this world are gathered and that one of them is up to this task. Your heart and soul yearn for the next battle, and your sword craves to glide through the flesh of your enemies!

    Break the chains and destroy the gates of hell to resurrect and march alongside your glorious and fearless King Leonidas. March for freedom, honour and glory and never look back, but always look forward to a victorious future. Infinite brutal and merciless but victorious battles will await you and with King Leonidas at your side you will feel neither fear nor the pain of your wounds - you want more, you want everything. You follow your king to the end of the world, for with him you will always be victorious.

    The serious and piercing gaze of King Leonidas goes right through you as he seems to fix each of his brave Spartans, and his last words, before you draw against a vast army of merciless barbarians and true monsters, will still be ringing over Sparta’s battle fields decades after this battle ... ‘Listen to me brave soldiers, let's fight FOR FREEDOM, FOR HONOR - FOR SPARTA!!’ No one in Sparta will ever forget these words and they will be a reminder to all enemies to never again mess with Sparta ... because a breeze turned into a merciless and devastating storm - a storm of sacrifice, a storm of freedom, a storm of justice and a storm of retribution."

    King Leonidas Highlights:

    • Increases your body's natural testosterone levels by up to 347% for more masculinity and more power during the fight against cold steel
    • Reduces oestrogen levels by 35%, because you should be a man and not a washerwoman
    • Faster gains of strength and muscle that will make you an invincible fighting machine
    • Anabolic and anti-catabolic effect
    • Effectively counteracts a reduction of your testosterone levels because of stress
    • Increased aggression in the gym for even more ruthless and murderous workouts
    • Faster recovery after fierce battles in the gym
    • Increased libido, increased sexual performance and harder erections, because a true warrior should also stand his man in the bedroom
    • No impairment of your endogenous testosterone production after cessation
    • Become a testosterone-charged alpha male and leader, before whom everyone will reverently bow his head

    King Leonidas will make you the undisputed leader in the gym and make you rule over your opponents!

    King Leonidas is an extremely potent testosterone booster that incorporates Bulbine Natalensis, a novel all-natural testosterone boosting ingredient with scientifically proven effects. King Leonidas will make any other testosterone booster available on the market looks like cold coffee. Testosterone is the hormone that is primarily responsible for everything that makes you a real man and an intrepid, invincible warrior. Without testosterone, hard and intrepid fighters would not be much more than timid, bitchy washwomen that would rather annoy their enemies to death than defeat them in a merciless and brutal fights.

    Testosterone makes it possible to build steel-hard muscles and will give you the unrestrained power that characterizes a true Spartan warrior. But that's not all. High levels of testosterone will make a man a daring, superior and fearless alpha man, who inspires awe for everyone else and before whom even the most terrible enemies will humbly bow their heads. Testosterone will make you the leader of the pack, overriding everyone else. Women will to lie at your feet, because testosterone will not only make you more attractive and confident, but will also give you the libido of a Minoan bull. King Leonidas will give you the high testosterone levels that every iron warrior craves for. Even though they did not yet know the term testosterone, ancient warriors and athletes have tried everything to increase their manhood and strength. Very popular was e.g. the consumption of bull testicles, which should give the fighter the power and the masculinity of this symbol of unrestrained force. Bull testicles were strictly speaking the first testosterone therapy in history. Luckily, you do not have to rely on such remedies because you can use King Leonidas, which by the way is much more effective than bull testicles ;-).

    With King Leonidas your natural testosterone production will skyrocket and help you to build massive, steel-hard muscles and give you the unbridled power worthy of a true fearless Spartan warrior. At the same time, King Leonidas will also lower your oestrogen levels, which is important because an increased testosterone production is always associated with an increased oestrogen production. More oestrogen promotes water retentions and fat deposits that will make your steel-hard muscles look spongy and soft - not to mention the mood swings that are associated with high oestrogen levels. Even worse is that too much oestrogen can cause gynecomastia - the development of female breast tissue in men – and may adversely affect your libido.

    So, if you do not want to become an impotent wimp with breasts, you might want to think about your oestrogen levels. Luckily, you do not need to be afraid of all these horror scenarios, because by lowering your oestrogen levels King Leonidas will effectively prevent you from looking more like a spongy fat woman with breasts than a rock-hard, fearsome warrior and behaving like a bitchy woman that has her period.

    Only the strong and indomitable may call themselves Spartans. Become a true Spartan, who knows neither fear nor pain with King Leonidas!

    Why is testosterone the indisputable king of all male hormones and what makes it so essential for real hard iron warriors?

    "You are as kind as you are divine, Xerxes. Only a maniac would reject this offer. Only ... the idea to kneel, well, you know, slaughtering so many of your men this morning, has given me an annoying spasm in the thigh. It's hard for me to kneel down." To say something like this to an overpowering opponent you have to have balls / testosterone.

    Testosterone is the primary male hormone responsible for just about everything that makes a man a man. This hormone is responsible for a dominant, confident behaviour and a healthy aggression in the gym or on the battlefield. As the primary male sex hormone Testosterone also plays a crucial role in libido and sexual performance. More testosterone is therefore synonymous with harder erections, increased libido and increased sexual performance. More testosterone makes the difference between a dominant Minoan bull and a fat and lazy castrated bull. Ask yourself what you would prefer ... At the same time, testosterone is the hormone that enables men to gain strength and muscle mass in the first place. If you do not believe that, compare the bodies of female high-performance athletes who only have the natural, low testosterone levels of women that are below 10% of men's testosterone levels with the bodies of testosterone-pumped professional female bodybuilders that will make most men look weak and miserable. This example will make clear what testosterone is capable of.

    Testosterone also has a nutrient redistributing effect, meaning that more of the food you eat is used to build muscle mass rather than to build body fat. But that's not all. Testosterone has the unique ability to lower the levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol, which is released in large quantities during periods of heavy stress and hard physical exertion, such as brutal, hard workouts in the gym or merciless fights on the battlefield. This reduction of cortisol can dramatically accelerate your recovery and provide an ideal support for the fabled Ephialtes, which will provide you with a deep and restful sleep, to give you more energy for future hard fights against the cold iron in the gym or against merciless enemies on the battlefield.

    More testosterone will make you a fearless, muscle-bound Spartan fighter who will defeat all his enemies with overwhelming force and fulfil the hottest desires of women in their bedchamber. What are you waiting for - get King Leonidas today and become the man whom all enemies will fear and all women will love!

    What ingredients of King Leonidas will make you an invincible king of iron warriors?

    King Leonidas contains a combination of two ingredients that support each other as effectively as the brave and fearless warriors of an invincible Spartan army supported each other. The first ingredient is Bulbine Natalensis, a novel natural testosterone booster that can increase your testosterone levels by as much as 347%, outperforming any other testosterone booster on the market. The unique effect of Bulbine Natalensis is actively supported by the ingredient Mucuna Pruriens. Mucuna Pruriens can effectively counteract a reduction of your testosterone levels during periods of intense physical effort or phases of mental stress, and will maintain your testosterone at peak levels even in extreme situations. At the same time, it can dramatically reduce the levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol, which is released in large amounts during hard physical exertions. Dominate your opponents who rely on weaker agents and become the testosterone-laden ruler of the gym and the battlefield with King Leonidas!

    Bulbine Natalensis

    Bulbine Natalensis is a South American plant used as an aphrodisiac and impotence treatment in traditional herbal medicine. When looking at human studies of this plant, it quickly becomes clear how Bulbine Natalensis unfolds these effects. Bulbine Natalensis was able to increase the body's natural testosterone levels by a whopping 347% in just 14 days (no, that's not a misprint, 347% !!). This makes any other testosterone booster available on the market like ineffective candy for little kids. Unlike anabolic steroids, Bulbine Natalensis does not cause an imbalance of the body's natural hormonal processes and does not have any of the harmful side effects of synthetic steroids. Something else would not deserve the name King Leonidas. No Spartan warrior would have ever used anything that could have damaged his body in the long run, because only a healthy body can develop the fighting power that makes up a true Spartan of the army of King Leonidas. Bulbine Natalensis works by stimulating the body's own production of the hormone, which gives the testes the signal to produce more testosterone - the luteinizing hormone or short LH hormone. If you stop taking Bulbine Natalensis, your testosterone levels will slowly return to baseline without the crash you will see in steroid users. In addition, the effects of Bulbine Natalensis do not diminish over time, as it is the case with many other testosterone boosters.

    But it gets even better. Scientific research has shown that Bulbine Natalensis has a strong aphrodisiac effect and can increase your libido as well as your sexual desire more than Viagra. At the same time, Bulbine Natalensis will help you to have stronger and harder erections while significantly shortening the recovery period between two ejaculations. King Leonidas will not only make you a fearless fighter on the battlefield, but also a real Minoan bull in the bedroom!

    As an added bonus, further research has shown that Bulbine Natalensis can reduce your oestrogen levels by as much as 35%, which is important, because any increase of your endogenous testosterone production will also increase your oestrogen levels. This will prevent any potential side effects of elevated levels of oestrogen, such as water retentions that will make you look soft and spongy, increased fat deposits, mood swings, and the development of a female breast tissue (gynecomastia). With the help of Bulbine Natalensis King Leonidas will make you a testosterone-laden, intrepid Spartan warrior with rock-hard muscles that can stand the test of time during tough, brutal battles in the gym and hard fights on the battlefield, as well as in the bededroom. And you do not have to worry about too much oestrogen that could make you look more like a fat woman with breasts than like a fearsome fighter.

    Mucuna Pruriens Extract (L-Dopa)

    Mucuna Pruriens, has been used as a tonic and aphrodisiac in traditional Indian medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for millennia. Mucuna Pruriens contains L-Dopa as active ingredient, which is converted into dopamine in your body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that increases drive and motivation and acts as a happiness hormone. Even though you may think that true Spartan warriors are already pouring enough happiness hormones after victorious battles in the gym or on the battlefield, some additional dopamine can never hurt - especially when you are exposed to stress. (Yes, we know that even the most bloodthirsty enemy can hardly cause stress to a true Spartan warrior, but there are also constantly nagging women and other stressors.) Both physical and mental stress are known to increase cortisol levels and lower testosterone levels. Not exactly what a real warrior wants, who has to go through hard fights and has to build rock-hard muscle mass and strength. The good news is that Mucuna Pruriens can counteract these negative effects of stress. Studies have shown that this plant extract was able to increase testosterone levels by 27% during periods of heavy exercise, while without Mucuna Pruriens, testosterone levels dropped by 20%. With Mucuna Pruriens, you'll have 47% more testosterone than your opponents who do not use Mucuna Pruriens! As an added bonus, Mucuna Pruriens can reduce an increase in catabolic cortisol by 60%.

    In addition, Mucuna Pruriens will inhibit a prolactin formation in your body and may help to increase your levels of luteinizing hormone (LH), which gives the testes the signal to produce testosterone.

    "Everyone should know that we would rather die upright than live on our knees! Take courage, look deep into your souls! Fight for glory! "

    Take 2 capsules daily


    This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults 18 years of age or older. Before using this product consult with your physician if you are using any prescription or over the counter medication or if you have any pre-existing medical condition including but not limited to: high or low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, seizure disorder, psychiatric disease, diabetes, difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement or if you are taking a MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor) or any other medication. Discontinue use and consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Do not exceed recommended serving.

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