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Bulbine Polyhydrate GN Laboratories

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Bulbine Polyhydrate

The presumably most effective product for dramatic increases in testosterone levels, decreases of estrogen and a significantly accelerated accrual of lean, hard, well-defined muscle mass that will also boost your libido and erectile function to new heights and allow you to have sex more often and more intense than ever before.

Product highlights:

  • Increases your body's own testosterone production by up to 347%
  • Reduces excess estrogen by 35%
  • Accelerates muscle gains
  • Boosts strength gains
  • Acts simultaneously anabolic and anti-catabolic
  • Propels your recovery
  • Super-charges your libido and virility
  • Facilitates harder and more intense erections
  • Allows for shorter intervals between sexual intercourse by reducing the time between orgasms
  • No shut-down of the natural testosterone production after using the product
  • Ideally suited for post-cycle therapy after using hormonal supplements or steroids
  • increased bioavailability and absorption due to the innovative Polyhydrate™ technology

Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ is the product that will boost every aspect of your virility and turn you into a true alpha male! It will have your natural testosterone production skyrocket, help you to build massive, hard muscles faster and bolster your self-confidence. Testosterone is after all the manliest among all hormones. A substance that will allow you to outperform your competition inside and outside the gym.

The men will look up to you awestruck, the women will love you and lie to your feet – not least because Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ won't just boost your libido extremely, but also prolong and harden your erections, while simultaneously reducing the time between orgasms dramatically. With Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ you are going to be the man you've always wanted to be – in the gym, in your everyday life and, not the least, in bed!

Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ is also the perfect product for your post-cycle therapy (PCT) after a course of hormonal supplements or steroids, when it will take care of both suppressing the skyrocketing estrogen levels and rebooting your natural testosterone production. In that Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ is quite unique, because it is one of the few agents that cover all relevant aspects of post-cycle therapy: Numerous studies show that it increases your suppressed testosterone production, significantly(!), keeps the rising estrogen levels in check, restores your libido and supercharges your erectile function and sexual performance. Said studies also confirm that there are no negative short- or long-term effects on humans – in spite of the dramatic effects.

What is Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ und what are its beneficial effects?

Bulbine Natalensis is a plant originating from South Africa. It has been used as an aphrodisiac and to treat erectile dysfunction in traditional African medicine (TAM) for centuries. Other recorded areas of application in TAM are diarrhea, vomiting, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

More recently, scientific studies have been able to confirm that extracts from the plants can increase the natural testosterone production by terrific 347%. Bulbine Natalensis is thus by far most potent clinically proven natural testosterone booster known to men. The experiments revealed furthermore that Bulbine Natalensis will not just boost the testosterone production, it will also inhibit a concomitant increase in aromatization and reduce the levels of feminizing estrogen by up to 35%. All that happens without negative short- or long-term effects on the natural hormonal balance of your body. That's in stark contrast to prohormones and steroids, which will significantly inhibit the natural production of testosterone in your body due to their suppressive effect on the central production of luteinzing hormone – the signaling molecule that will tell your testes to produce more testosterone. When you stop using Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ your testosterone levels will thus simply go back to where they have been before starting the product – no shut down, no risk of low libido, gyno or other problems you would encounter with prohormones or steroids. Plus: In contrast to other testosterone boosters, Bulbine Natalensis ™ Polyhydrate, there's no habituation effect with Bulbine – in other words: it will work just as potently on day 99 of your cycle as it did on day 1.

Scientific studies show that the mechanism by which Bulbine Natalensis will raise your testosterone levels is identical to the one your body would use: by boosting the production of the previously hinted at luteinizing hormone and thus telling your testes to produce more precious testosterone. In view of the fact that Bulbine will also elevate the production of FSH, it is also not surprising that scientists observed significant increases in testicular size, in the absence of abnormal prostate growth – that should be self-evident.

Other scientific studies show that Bulbine Natalensis has direct, extraordinarily potent effects on the male libido and sexual performance. More precisely, the results of said studies show that the plant extract is a potent aphrodisiac that will boost both your virility and the quality of your erections while reducing the time it takes you to recover after an orgasm significantly. Practically speaking, this means that you are going to have more fun having sex, when you are on Bulbine Natalensis Polyhdrate™, because worries about erection problems will be a thing of the past. No other legally available product has a similarly all-encompassing effect on your love live.

One thing has to be said, though: not all Bulbine products are the same. The use of low-quality resources or insufficient amounts of the expensive raw ingredient renders any of the currently available products useless. Here at GN Laboratories, we use nothing but the purest Bulbine Natalensis Extracts and make sure that each and every cap of Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ has the correct amount of the active ingredient to deliver the results you're paying for. That's important, because with Bulbine both, too much and too little, will mess with your results. This is where our years of experience in the supplement market come in: unlike other producers we're not playing "supplement lottery", we did our homework and made sure that the Polyhydrate™ delivery system allows for the right amount of the active ingredient to be delivered right into your blood stream.

In spite of its unique potency, human studies have confirmed that Bulbine Natalensis is totally safe: both in the short- and long-term, 29 subjects didn't suffer from either increased blood pressure and heart rate, or undesirable changes of blood values.

With the probiotic base in the Polyhydrate™ fraction of Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™, our next generation testosterone booster does in fact have a health-boosting effect: one that is a consequence of its ability to inhibit the growth and spread of unwanted bacterial subtenants in your GI tract.

What are the benefits of the increase in testosterone production Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ will produce?

Testosterone is a hormone with a myriad of important functions in the male body. Of these, the maintenance of optimal sexual function and the increase and sustenance of skeletal muscle mass are yet probably the best known ones. That's also because the natural production of testosterone declines as we age. From age 25 on, the your testes are producing less and less testosterone and with the continuous decline it will become more and more difficult to maintain your sexual and improve your athletic performance.

Testosterone is the most important hormone for building lean, fat-free muscle mass and brute strength. This is why the dramatic increase in testosterone production with Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ will trigger a similarly dramatic and surprisingly rapid increase in strength and lean muscle mass.

Lean mass and strength, are yet not the only thing the increased natural testosterone production can do for you. Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ will also speed up your post-workout recovery, minimize the catabolic cortisol response during and after workouts and thus establish a hormonal environment that is conducive to optimal strength and muscle gains. By redistributing energy away from the body fat and to the skeletal muscle cells, testosterone does also have an often admired body recompositioning effect: more muscle less fat.

While dieting, Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ acts as a potent anti-catabolic agent that blocks the otherwise inevitable muscle loss during restrictive dieting. With Bulbine, this dreaded loss of hard-earned muscle mass is a thing of the past! And what's more, since testosterone can promote the release of fat from its stores, Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ will also propel your diet progress. No muscle loss, accelerated fat loss – what else can you ask for?

What may sound ironic, initially, is that even users of prohormones or anabolic steroids will benefit from using Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™. After the exogenous hormone supply has shut down their natural testosterone production, Bulbine will significantly reduce the time it will take for it to kick back into full gear and thus prevent you from feeling as if you'd fallen into a deep dark hole and losing large parts of your heard earned muscle mass.

What is it with the estrogen levels? Why is that important?

In the male body testosterone is converted to estrogen by aromatization. This enzymatic process is accelerated, whenever your testosterone levels rise and that's bad news, because if your estrogen levels skyrocket, all sorts of side effects begin to surface: water retention, the softening of your muscles, and an overall puffy appearance are just the early signs of abnormally high estrogen levels. These will be followed by increases in body fat and – at least in people who are genetically predisposed – gynecomastia, i.e. the growth of female-like breast tissue in men.

Now, increases in testosterone are not the only reason why your estrogen levels may get out of control. Surprisingly, very similar side effects can be observed during the post-cycle therapy after in the weeks after using prohormones or steroids, when the presence of estrogen inhibits the natural production of testosterone and plays its feminizing tricks on your testosterone depleted body.

Luckily, you don't have to worry about any of these estrogen-related problems with Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™, a supplement of which scientific studies show that it will effectively reduce estrogen by 35%, while allowing your testosterone levels to increase by an astonishing 347%.

The Polydrate™ Unique Buffering Technology

It is one thing to have the best raw ingredients in your products. It is however a completely different thing to deliver the effectively and at dosages as they are required to elicit the potent effects you desire. And this is where the Polyhydrate™ Unique Delivery Technology comes it. Its ability to buffer the active ingredients of our products against the destructive effects of your stomach acid allows for significantly higher amounts of the active ingredient to be actually delivered into the bloodstream. This increase in "bioavailability" as scientists call it, makes each and every capsule of Bulbine Natalensis Polyhydrate™ significantly more potent than similarly dosed comparative products


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Take 2 capsules daily with sufficient fluid .

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