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A delicious, highly concentrated, calorie-free liquid flavour with the traditional taste of the good old days

: Frankys Bakery


: 30ml

: Syrup / Flavor

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    Ahornsirup Almond Amaretto Apple Pie Apricot Banana Banana Split Blueberry Boston Cream Pie Cafe Latte Cappuccino Caramel Chai Tee Cheesecake Cherry Chocolate Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Cinnamon Cinnamon Danish Swirl Coconut Coffee Cookie Dough Cookies & Cream Cotton Candy Cream Doughnut Eierlikoer Fruit Gingerbread Glazed Doughnut Green Apple Haselnuss Honey Kiwi Lemon Cake Mango Marshmellow Marzipan Nuss Nougat Orange Peanut Butter Pfirsich Pfirsich Maracuja Pineapple Raspberry Rocky Road Shortbread Strawberry Tiramisu Toffee Vanilla Vollmilchschokolade Watermelon White Chocolate Zitrone

    A delicious, highly concentrated, calorie-free liquid flavour with the traditional taste of the good old days

    • You only need a few drops of Candy Splash to turn biscuits, drinks, protein shakes, yoghurt, cottage cheese and much more into an absolute delicacy that is second to none.

    You love sweet and/or fruity foods such as fruit yoghurt, quark desserts with vanilla, chocolate or fruit flavour and sweet, fruity drinks? We are no different from you, but unfortunately, most of the products of this kind you will find in your supermarket are nothing more than true sugar and calorie bombs that have nothing to do with healthy eating.

    This sad fact has inspired us to develop a liquid-flavour aroma system that will allow you to prepare all these delicious foods and drinks in a much healthier way without much effort. Of course, we have used our decades of experience in the field of sweet delicacies to give you a perfectly rounded taste that will remind you of the sweets your grandmother used to prepare. The result of our efforts is Candy Splash, a virtually calorie-free, liquid flavour system that will require just a few drops to give all imaginable foods and drinks a delicious taste that will remind you of the good old days. Due to its liquid form and the very small required amount, Candy Splash is the most convenient aroma system you could imagine. You do not have to dissolve powder and there will be no risk of "diluting" or altering the consistency of creamy foods with too much liquid.

    Candy Splash can be used to refine yoghurt and other dairy products, protein shakes, beverages and even baked goods of any kind. Are you getting bored of your healthy oatmeal with milk for breakfast? No problem! A few drops of Candy Splash will turn your breakfast into a whole new treat! Are you tired of always drinking the same calorie free soft drinks with the same flavours? Just add a few drops of Candy Splash to a glass of mineral water and enjoy a delicious and refreshing calorie free drink! With Candy Splash, any monotony with desserts and drinks will come to an end. With more than 40 different flavours, ranging from a variety of fruit flavours to chocolate and vanilla flavour, everybody will find their favourite flavour. Of course, these different flavours can also be combined – just be creative and enjoy a new delicious taste every day!

    Candy Splash Flavor Drops - the delicious taste of the good old days - free from sugar and unnecessary calories.

    Frankys Bakery - traditional treats since 1954!

    By Tim R on 03/19/2018 5
    Title: Sehr gut!
    Text: Hab letztens 3 Sorten gratis zu meiner Bestellung bekommen, da es sich um MHD Ware handelte und bin echt sehr positiv überrascht, vorallem Honigmelone und Waldmeister schmecken in Mineralwasser super (wie Brause), lediglich mit Rotwein tat ich mich schwer, da ich keinen trinke, aber werde sie meiner Mutter schenken!
    By Anna A on 05/8/2017 5
    Title: Super!!! Super!!! Super!!!
    Text: The best flav drops in the world!!!!
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