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Köstliche naturbelassene Erdnussbutter nach traditionellem Rezept – frei von zugesetztem Zucker, ungesunden gehärteten Fetten, Konservierungsstoffen und weiteren unnötigen Zusätzen

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    Delicious natural peanut butter produced according to a traditional recipe - free from added sugar, unhealthy hydrogenated fats, preservatives and other unnecessary additives

    There is hardly a delicacy that has more tradition in America than good old peanut butter. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers have already enjoyed the taste of this protein-rich treat that is rich in healthy, unsaturated fatty acids. Unfortunately, much the so called peanut butter you will find in supermarkets today does not share many similarities with the traditional and healthy peanut butter of the good old days.

    Many peanut butter products contain lots of added sugar and - what is even worse - added hydrogenated vegetable fats that are also known as trans fats. Trans fats are probably the unhealthiest version of all fats and are associated with atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and heart attacks. Some peanut butter products also contain added palm oil, which is not as unhealthy as trans fats, but is ecologically highly controversial as it is grown on cleared former rainforest areas.

    As a traditional company committed to producing delicious, healthy and sustainable products since 1954, we simply could not understand why peanut butter should contain unhealthy or otherwise controversial ingredients. For this reason, we have launched a range of peanut butter products which contains neither sugar nor added fats and are also free of preservatives and other additives. We believe that using high quality roasted peanuts will make any other ingredients redundant and we strongly believe that you will agree with us after tasting our delicious peanut butter. Of course, you will find the two classic, traditional peanut butter varieties that have been around for as long as there was peanut butter: creamy, tender peanut butter that will melt on your tongue and crunchy peanut butter with delicious little peanut chunks. As a traditional company that has specialized in producing delicious delicacies, we have not stopped here and created more delicious peanut butter creations that you probably will not know yet.

    Our cinnamon peanut butter has a hint of cinnamon flavor that will remind you of delicious Christmas cookies, and our Cocoa peanut butter has been refined with healthy natural low-fat cocoa powder for an unrivalled taste. As a special treat we have created Hot Pepper peanut butter - a peanut butter refined with chilli, which will be a very special delicacy for all friends of a savoury taste. Of course, all of these peanut butter creations are free from sugar, added fats, preservatives and other additives. Peanut butter from Frankys Bakery - delicious, healthy, natural peanut butter produced according to a traditional recipe that your grandmother already knew - free from sugar, trans fats, palm oil, preservatives and other additives.

    Frankys Bakery - traditional treats since 1954!

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