New Fitness Handtuch BLACK - GN Laboratories

Fitness Handtuch BLACK - GN Laboratories


GN Gym Towel BLACK

: GN Laboratories

: 6699

: 1 towel

: Sportswear

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    Your perfect gym companion with integrated pocket for keys, mobile phone and more!>p Product Highlights:

    • 100% cotton for hygienic protection against sweat
    • Handy zipper pocket for mobile phone and locker keys
    • Of course also suitable for showering ;-)

    The perfect gym towel made of 100% absorbent cotton, to protect not only the gym equipment, but also you from the sweat of others. Thanks to a practical zippered pocket, you'll never have to worry again about where to store your locker key or your mobile phone during your workouts. And of course you can also use this practical gym companion for showering after your workout.

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