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GN Green Magna No Crash, no anxiety just 8 hours of sustained energy and all that from a single, all natural ingredient

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    Your all-natural, side effect free fat burning 8h energy booster – no jitters, no crash, just pure results!




    GN Green Magna Highlights:


    • Stimulant-free increase in fatty acid oxidation
    • Full of natural antioxidants
    • Manufactured from 100% natural ingredients
    • Contains chlorogenic acid to promote fat loss
    • 8 hours of stable, sustained energy
    • No crash after the first 2 hours or earlier
    • Steady caffeine release
    • No anxiety
    • Increased physical performance
    • Improved concentration and ability to focus

    If you have been using caffeine or other stimulants before, which are used to burn body fat and increase energy, you will be aware of this problem: The initial surge of energy is followed by an even more rapid decline and a subsequent crash that leaves you more fatigued than before. Yet while this certainly is the best known, it is by far not the only unwanted side effect of common stimulants. Due to the rapid release of the active ingredients many users will also experience a very unpleasant sensation of anxiety which is not exactly conducive to the increases in mental focus and physical performance you would expect from a stimulant.
    In addition, many customers are put off by the dubious stimulant based fat burner cocktail of different substances with questionable, downright detrimental or simply unknown short- and long-term health effects; and worst of all: Many of these mostly caffeine-based products don’t even disclose all their ingredients or use propriety blends in order not to be forced to betray the exact content of the respective ingredient on the label. This makes it difficult, if not impossible to judge the actual metabolic downstream effects of respective products and the potential impact they may have on your mental and physical well-being. Here at GN Laboratories we found the whole situation more than frustrating and began developing our own energy booster - a product that would be able to increase the oxidation of fatty acid significantly and provide 8g of sustained energy without the dreaded anxiety and the crash: GN Green Magna. This innovative stimulant contains only 100% natural caffeine from a unique green coffee bean extract; a compound of which you will soon realize that it exhibits a whole host of highly desirable metabolic and health effects.
    An important characteristic of green coffee bean extract is its high chlorogenic acid content. Chlorogenic acid is a molecule of which numerous placebo controlled scientific studies have shown that it increases fat loss significantly. Against that background it's astonishing that only few people in the bodybuilding and fitness community know about and exploit its fat burning process - and that despite the fact that its potent anti-obesity activity comes without any of the common side effects of other natural or synthetic fat loss agents.
    With the green coffee been extract being its sole ingredient, GN Green Magna is not just safer, but also more versatile than competitive products with synthetic caffeine sources or complex blends of various ingredients. While you never know what kind of undesirable individual and combined side-effects some of these exotic ingredients may have, GN Green Magna leaves it up to you to decide which synergists you want or don’t want to stack with it, so that you don’t have to go with what the respective manufacturer often more or less randomly add to their products.

    Significant increases in fatty acid oxidation for improved results

    There is ample scientific evidence for the increase in fatty acid oxidation in response to the ingestion of green coffee bean extracts and the corresponding downstream they are going to have on the leanness, hardness and muscle definition of your body. Caffeine and chlorogenic acid are the agents in green coffee beans that are primarily responsible for this effect. Both are acting via totally independent pathways and will thus exert additive beneficial effects on your basal metabolic rate and overall energy expenditure.

    The fat loss effects of caffeine

    The beneficial effects of caffeine on the oxidation of fatty acids has been known for years. Against that background it's no wonder that it is also the main working ingredient in the vast majority of currently available "fat burners". Its thermic effects (16) and the corresponding increase in basal energy expenditure will increase your energy deficit and support your weight weight loss efforts.

    The increase in fatty acid oxidation, when you are working out or just being active, adds to the beneficial effects of caffeine (12, 13, 14). It does after all increase the amount of both dietary and body fat that is used as an energy substrate and will thus help you to lose fat, not muscle or glycogen, when you are dieting.
    There is also scientific evidence for a direct inhibitory effect of caffeine on the enzymatic digestion of dietary fats (29). "Undigested" your body won't be able to use them, so that there is an increased loss of energy from undigested dietary fats.

    Chlorogenic acid, the new star in the fat loss league

    Chlorogenic acid, one of the main constituents of green coffee beans, has repeatedly been shown to have significant beneficial effects on the rate and total amount of body fat you people lose, when they are dieting. Unfortunately, large amounts of this valuable fat loss agent are lost, when coffee is roasted. If you want to benefit from the fat burning prowess of chlorogenic acid, you will thus have to use green (=unroasted) coffee beans. According to a host of scientific studies, these beans are particularly rich in highly bioavailable (=easy to assimilate for your body) chlorogenic acid (34). This makes green coffee beans (or extracts) an excellent, if not the best source for chlorogenic acid supplements we know.

    Early rodent studies showed that the ingestion of chlorogenic acid will promote the expression of certain enzymes that are responsible for the oxidation of fatty acid. The scientists did yet also observe that the provision of chlorogenic acid decreased the absorption of dietary fats (23). The latter is a direct result of the inhibitory effect of chlorogenic acid on the expression of fat digesting lipase enzymes in the gut (28). Next to its direct inhibitory effect on the uptake of fat and energy, chlorogenic acid has also been found to increase the fatty acid metabolism in the liver (23, 33) – an observation that points us towards the ability of chlorogenic acid to directly promote the oxidation of fatty acids in the liver.
    It's ability to increase the overall metabolic rate (30), improve glucose uptake, reduce the production of carbohydrate digesting enzymes in the intestines (26) and exert direct beneficial effects on whole body glucose metabolism (25, 27) are additional benefits that are topped only by chlorogenic acid's ability to inhibit the storage of body fat directly at a cellular level (30).
    While some of the corresponding studies have been conducted with rodents, there is a whole host of human studies to support the weight loss, fat loss and health benefits of cholorgenic acid, in general, and coffee bean extracts, in particular.
    In a study from 2000, for example, scientists tested the effects of a standardized green coffee bean extract, such as the one in Green Magna against a placebo supplement (31) and observed a highly significant weight loss of 5.4kg and a corresponding 10% reduction in BMI in the subjects who had been randomized to the chlorogenic acid arm of the trial. The subjects who had consumed the placebo supplement, on the other hand, achieved a body weight loss of only 1.7kg body weight and a BMI reduction of less than 3% over the course of the 12 week study period. Another study, with an almost identical design reports similar results: 5kg body weight reduction in the green coffee bean, only 2.5kg body weight reduction in the placebo group (32). It is thus not surprising that the authors of a recent meta-analysis that evaluated all contemporarily available scientific papers on chlorogenic acid conclude that there is ample evidence that chlorogenic acid can have a significant beneficial impact on weight- and more importantly fat loss (35). Also worth mentioning are the results of a 2012 study that was able to show that there is a significant positive association between dosage and effect size – in other words: The higher the dosage, the greater the effect (36). The figures the authors present in the full-text of their paper demonstrate quite drastically how pronounced the fat burning effects of chlorogenic acid actually are. In the corresponding randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial, 3 groups of subjects consumed a 1050mg chlorogenic acid, 700mg chlorogenic acid or a placebo for 3x6 weeks (2 weeks washout period). The figures below leave little doubt that the weight and BMI reductions in the supplementation phases were significantly higher than during the weeks on the placebo supplement.


    Figure 1: Weight loss with different amounts of supplemental chlorogenic acid in the diet (HD = high dosage, LD = low dosage; PL = placebo, WO = wash-out). (Source: 36)


    Figure 2: Change in BMI in response to different amounts of supplemental chlorogenic acid (HD = high dosage, LD = low dosage; PL = placebo, WO = wash-out). (Source: 36)

    Green Magna that’s 8 full hours of natural, sustained and clean energy in a single capsule.

    Contrary to coffee, energy drinks or caffeine tablets, Green Magna does not have to be taken every 1-2 hours, to maintain an acceptably stable energy level. A single serving will keep you alert and improve your cognitive and physical performance for the full 8 hours. Due to the sustained release of the caffeine molecules both, the initial overstimulation and anxiety, as well as the crash that occurs when the effects wear off are completely absent – after 8 hours the effects will simply wear off slowly.

    What’s more, due to the fact that you know exactly that its effects will last for 8 hours, you can time the ingestion of Green Magna in a way that its stimulant effects will abate before you go to bed – and you know what that means, right? No more sleepless nights due to the cumulative built up of caffeine in the blood.


    What is it that makes GN Green Magna so potent?

    Natural green coffee bean extract

    Caffeine is GN Green Magna’s primary and only active ingredient. Of all legal stimulants, caffeine is the best-researched, best-tolerated and most advantageous on the market. Reason enough to pick it as the cornerstone of the GN Green Magna formula. Contrary to the competition we decided against using a synthetic isolated form og caffeine. Rather, our product designers chose a standardized caffeine extract from green coffee beans. This extract is a safe and 100% natural ingredient, which has all the beneficial properties of isolated chemically produced caffeine combined with a whole host of additional advantages, we are going to discuss in the following paragraphs.

    Contrary to most oft he energy drinks and caffeine-based supplements, GN Green Magna does not contain any artificial and non-natural ingredients or additives.
    One serving of GN Green Magna contains exactly 200mg of naturally occurring caffeine – this is equivalent to the amount of caffeine you will find in 2-3 cups of coffee.

    The time release technology guarantees stable and long-lasting energy

    The extraordinary effectiveness of GN Green Magna is yet not simply due to the use of the innovative green coffee bean extract. If it was administered on its own, the extract would – despite all its advantages over it synthetic counterpart – produce a similar potentially anxiogenic spike and subsequent drop in energy as classic stimulants like a cup of coffee, a sugary energy drink or a plain caffeine tablet. Luckily, the pharmaceutical industry has already come up with a solution to this problem. In pharmacy, many agents have to be released into circulation gradually, simply because they would otherwise be metabolized way too fast or – even worse – reach hazardously high serum concentrations within minutes. To avoid the hassle of hourly or bi-hourly dosing regimen, the pharmaceutical industry invented various technologies that would allow for a slow and steady delivery of the active ingredients in their tablets and capsules.

    For GN Green Magna we use not just one, but three different forms of microspheres, each with its own unique release pattern. By this means one third of the active ingredients is released immediately after the ingestion of the GN Green Magna. The second third will be gradually released in the course of the 2nd to 4th hour after the administration and the last part of the encapsulated green coffee bean extract will hit the blood stream between the 5th and the 8th hour after you have taken the tablet. This ensures constant serum caffeine levels without major fluctuations and thus ensures stable energy levels and a gradual decline of the stimulant effect at the end of the 8 hour window.


    GN Green Magna delivers the energy you need for superior athletic performance and an active lifestyle


    What are the advantages of green coffee beans compared to synthetic caffeine?

    A multitude of scientific studies has established that coffee is full of healthy natural antioxidants (1). The amount of antioxidants in coffee is in fact so high, that for the major part of coffee drinkers their 2-3 cups of coffee per day, and not the vegetables and fruit they may be eating, are the #1 source of dietary antioxidants.

    Antioxidants have the astonishing ability to neutralize potentially harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS) in our bodies. These molecules, which are also known as free radicals, can impair the integrity and function of the cells of our body and are implicated as one of, if not the underlying cause of the aging process. In addition, ROS may promote the development of serious health problems, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s and more.
    Next to the free radicals from exogenous sources in our environment, many of the metabolic processes in our own body generate reactive oxygen species as well. Stress, physical exertion and smoking are but three of the various factors that contribute to an increasing load of endogenous (=produced by your own body) free radicals. The ingestion of adequate amounts of antioxidants is therefore of great importance. The anti-aging specialist Dr. Richard Cutler does even go one step further and says that the amount of free radicals in your body is directly proportional to your life expectancy.
    The green coffee bean extract we use in GN Green Magna contains an abundance of polyphenols and antioxidants – in fact, the relative concentration of this health promoting compounds is even higher than in coffee, because many of the volatile molecules are damaged in the course of the roasting process. One of these highly volatile compounds is chlorogenic acid, an agent of which scientific studies have shown that it does promote fat loss by increasing thermogenesis and improving the uptake and use of glucose in your body. Fat loss as a side effect! Quite remarkable isn’t it?
    The increased production of nitric oxide that's brought about by the chlorogenic acid content of GN Green Magna and the subsequent improvements in muscular oxygenation and blood flow, nutrient supply and regeneration (24) are additional benefit of Green Magna no serious trainee would ever want to miss.

    What is caffeine actually good for?

    Its ability to combat tiredness and increase mental and physical performance make caffeine, whether it is consumed in the form of coffee, in energy drinks or as an ingredient in any other dietary source or supplement, the world’s most popular and most common stimulant. Its ergogenic, nootropic and mood enhancing effects have been confirmed in numerous controlled studies (2, 3). The same goes for the beneficial effects it will exert on both the strength and endurance performance of athletes (2, 4 – 1, 13, 14). All that makes caffeine the performance booster of choice for both strength and endurance athletes.

    Past studies show that caffeine works directly at the level of the motor units, where it increases force production and endurance while ameliorating muscular fatigue and improving motor control and coordination (2, 4 - 9). A meta study which evaluated a selection of studies pertaining to the effects of caffeine on endurance sports such as cycling, marathon and other long distance runs confirmed that those effects are associated with practically relevant performance increases that may well make the difference between victory and defeat (17).
    The aforementioned effects caffeine exerts on athletic performance are centrally (brain, central nervous system) as well as peripherally (directly in the muscle) mediated (10). The caffeine-induced stimulation of the central nervous system is also responsible for the glycogen sparing shift in substrate utilization away from glucose and towards fatty acid oxidation that will increase the oxidation of fatty acids at rest, as well as during physical activity (12, 13, 14). The preservation of muscle glycogen contributes to the anti-fatigue effects of caffeine and can even be augmented, when it is administered in conjunction with carbohydrates during workouts (15).
    In other words, caffeine will help you to train longer and more intense. This in turn promotes skeletal muscle anabolism and strength gains in resistance trainees and improves overall training progression and performance during competitions in all sorts of athletic activities.
    And what’s best, caffeine is – despite its proven ergogenic effects – not on any of the lists of banned substances of the major sports organization – including the official list of the IOC. Caffeine is therefore a totally legal and 100% safe performance enhancer that can be used by both recreational and professional athletes, alike!

    What caffeine can do for your brain?

    With the contemporary overemphasis of its stimulant, ergogenic and fat burning effects by the supplement industry, many of caffeine’s beneficial health effects got buried in oblivion. Few people are for example aware of the fact that scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed that the regular consumption of caffeinated beverages leads to significant decreases in the risk of developing type II diabetes (18) and Parkinson’s (up to -80%; 19). In women caffeine has also been shown to be associated with a 20% lower incidence of depression (20) and a significantly lower risk of stroke (21). There is also scientific evidence that caffeine can protect against Alzheimer’s and dementia (22).

    While a large part of the scientific studies does not adequately differentiate between the various sources of caffeine, most of them are based on epidemiological data, where coffee and not its synthetic counterpart is the primary if not exclusive caffeine source. It does therefore go without saying that many of these benefits could be due to the synergism between the various active ingredients in coffee.
    Contrary to other caffeine supplements, Green Magna’s active green coffee bean extract contains all of these synergists in their original ratios, so that you can be sure that you are going to benefit from all the aforementioned positive health effects!
    Green Magna is free of artificial or unwanted additives and is particularly suited for athletes who want to use a caffeine supplement for performance purposes that is non-taxing on the digestive tract and lasts longer than plain coffee or any of the regular energy drinks.
    Use GN Green Magna before your next workout! Once you’ve experienced its unique effects on mental and physical performance you will never want to train without it again.


    Who can benefit from the ingestion of Green Magna?

    In essence everyone looking for increased physical or mental performance can will benefit from the use of GN Green Magna. . It does not matter if your goal is to shed some body fat, to lose a significant amount of weight or if you simply want to boost your physical performance and mental capacity for a full 8h period. Athletes can use it before a regular training session or competition to improve their performance. Students any everyone else who has to prepare for an important exam can use it to stay focused and fully concentrated. Shift workers and party-goers can use it to stay high awake in the middle of the night and even long-distance traveler can use GN Green Magna to ameliorate the negative side effects of the jet lag.

    No matter who you are and why you need another 8 hours of sustained energy, GN Green Magna is the supplement that will deliver exactly what you are looking for.

    When is the right time to take GN Green Magna?

    You can take GN Green Magna  whenever you feel tired, but want to - or simply have to be productive, fit and energetic for another 8 hours.
    Warning: Don’t take GN Green Magna less than 8 hours before you intend to go to bed, to avoid sleep problems.

    • In the morning, immediately when you get out of bed or alongside your breakfast, in order to be mentally and physically fit all day.
    • In the afternoon, right after launch in order to prevent the intermediate drop in energy levels and remain energetic and productive for the rest of your day.
    • Before a workout, to promote athletic performance and focus
    • At the beginning or during a lengthy learning session, to stay awake and mentally alert for another 8 hours
    • Right before the late- or nightshift, to make sure that you are alert and productive on every single moment of your shift
    • Before a long journey or car ride, to guard yourself against fatigue and microsleep
    • When you are preparing for a long party night, to be able to dance and party until the morning comes
    • Whenever a jet lag makes you feel groggy and tired, to make it through the day and help re-set your bodies biological clock

    If you use GN Green Magna as a fat loss agent, you should consume the first serving in the AM, when you get up and another serving approx. 8h later. This will increase the rate of fatty oxidation for 16h and ensure that it's fat, not protein or glycogen you're burning.


    The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

    Here at GN Laboratories we use only the highest quality ingredients the supplement market has to offer. And to guarantee that all our products are of consistently high quality, we conduct regular lab tests to ensure the purity and quality of the ingredients of each and every of our products.



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    Directions for GN Green Magna

    1 – 2 capsules with water.

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