Biotech Protein Fuel Liquid (500ml)

Protein Fuel Liquid (500ml) - Biotech USA


The real fat-, sugar- and carbohydrate free pure protein.

: Biotech USA


: 500ml

: Protein Drinks

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    Apple Lime

    Biotech USA Protein Fuel Liquid Premium qualitiy, extra fast absorbing liquid protein!

    High protein content in only a small flacon. The brand new development of BioTech USA is the whey protein drink concentrate with high biological value. Diluted in water Protein Fuel makes the daily protein intake really enjoyable with its fantastic fruit-fl avors. The 50 ml serving contains 30 g of excellent quality whey protein hydrolisate that is a special newly developed amino acid source for the muscles. Protein Fuel can be prepared fast and easily, rich in protein, and free from carbohydrates, fat and sugar. The real fat-, sugar- and carbohydrate free pure protein.

    Directions for Protein Fuel Liquid

    Mix a flacon of Protein Fuel in 500ml water. Consume it 2-3 times a day. It is also recommended to drink during the training.

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