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: 12 Bars a´60g

: Protein bars

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    American Cookie Cherry Nut Chocolate Nougat Cinnamon Cake Cookies & Cream

    Delicious protein and energy bars with the traditional American taste. These bars provide high-quality protein and healthy carbohydrates while being delicious enough to really earn the name "Candy Bar"!

    Protein bars have, for a good reason, become an integral part of the diet of many health-conscious people. A high-quality protein bar provides a perfect replacement for a wholefood meal when on the go, can promote post-workout recovery and muscle growth, and can provide a healthy and high-protein alternative for unhealthy sweets such as candy bars.

    The bad news is that the majority of protein bars available on the market is not really suitable for all of this. Granted, there are some great-tasting protein bars that taste nearly as good as popular candy bars, but these are typically high in fat and sugar and contain only a moderate amount of protein to calm the consumers conscience. In the end, these bars are not much better than traditional candy bars sweets. At the same time, many protein bars contain a lot of inferior protein, such as hydrolyzed collagen, which is a nice transcription of gelatine with a biological value of less than 20. Of course, there are also some really healthy protein bars, but unfortunately many of them are anything but yummy and their texture will remind you of window putty. This quite unsatisfactory situation was reason enough for Frankys Bakery to develop a delicious protein bar that is rich in high-quality protein, contains healthy carbohydrates and is low in sugar, but at the same time tastes as good as homemade by your own grandmother. We chose the name "Candy Bar" with good reason. Our Candy Bar protein bars are so delicious that you will no longer feel any desire for unhealthy chocolate bars.

    At the same time, our delicious Candy Bars can score with unbeatable ingredients. We only use whey protein as a source of protein – you won’t find something like soy protein or hydrolyzed collagen protein in the ingredient list. As far as carbohydrates are concerned, by far the largest part of the contained carbohydrates consist of isomalto oligosaccharides. Isomalto oligosaccharides are a truly amazing carbohydrate source. They will not only provide slow-digesting carbohydrates for long-lasting energy without blood sugar fluctuations, but also act as a prebiotic, which serves healthy intestinal bacteria that promote a healthy intestinal flora and a healthy digestive system as an important nutrient.

    While other protein bars with many sugar substitutes may cause bloating and diarrhoea, our Candy Bars will support a healthy digestion. Isn’t that a great added bonus ... Candy bars are available in many delicious flavors such as American Cookie, Cherry Nut, Chocolate Nougat, Cinnamon Cake and Cookie and Cream.

    Candy Bars by Frankys Bakery - a healthy protein bar with the delicious traditional taste of the good old days that will provide you with high-quality protein and healthy energy whenever you need it.

    Frankys Bakery - traditional treats since 1954!

    By Daniel S on 06/28/2018 4
    Title: Gut und günstig
    Text: Habe die Riegel einfach mal probiert, weil sie von den Werten her sehr gut sind und auch preislich attraktiver als die Konkurrenz. Leider ist die Konsistenz nichts für mich, erinnert eher an Play-Doh Knete.
    Da ich nicht so sehr auf den Zuckergehalt achten muss, greife ich dann doch eher auf die Variante von Mars.
    By Serkan H on 12/19/2017 5
    Title: Bisher besten Riegel
    Text: Habe die Riegel vor kurzem Mal bestellt, hatte sonst immer Quest. Die hier sind viel besser. Schmecken besser, Nährwerte sind top und vor allem die Konsistenz ist 1000 Mal besser als bei den anderen.
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