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Maximum increase of your brutal strength that will turn every movement of your muscles into a true inferno of death and annihilation

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Become an invincible warrior whose power is so strong and persistent that he is worthy to fight alongside the Nordic gods against the giants during the last and hardest battle that is called Ragnarok and that will mark the end of the world!

Product highlights

  • Insane, skin-busting pump that will transform your rock hard muscles into a fearsome mountain of pumped up muscle mass crossed by veins like roadmaps
  • Maximum increase of your brutal strength that will turn every movement of your muscles into a true inferno of death and annihilation
  • Maximum increase of your strength endurance and maximum delay of your muscle fatigue for extreme combat power even during the toughest and longest battles
  • Razor sharp focus, maximum concentration and shortest possible reaction time, allowing you to respond to any unforeseen event within fractions of a second
  • Maximum acceleration of your recovery to get you ready for the next brutal fight as soon as possible
  • Maximum supply of oxygen, essential nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones for your hard working, hungry muscles
  • Uses two independent pathways to maximize your nitric oxide production, whose effects will add up without any losses
  • Fastest possible neutralization and removal of toxic metabolic waste products that could accelerate the onset of your muscle fatigue
  • Maximizes your intramuscular carnosine levels to prevent any hyperacidity that may affect your muscle performance
  • Increased ATP production for your hard working muscles
  • Reduce oxygen demand and increase VO2max during brutal and merciless battles
  • Improved coordination of your muscle contractions for more powerful and more precise movements
  • Significant increase of your body's natural production of muscle building hormones
  • Increased natural production of muscle building hormones while inhibiting unwanted side effects of oestrogen to make you the toughest and most masculine warrior on the battlefield
  • Increased muscle protein synthesis and maximum stimulation of your muscle hypertrophy for extreme gains of rock hard, fearsome muscle mass
  • Glycogen sparing effect because of an increased usage of body fat for fuel
  • Maximum hydration of your muscle cells for maximum muscle performance
  • Reduction of elevated catabolic cortisol levels to protect your muscle mass and to accelerate your recovery
  • Neutralization of free radicals to protect your muscles and your DNA from damage and to speed up your recovery
  • Reduced muscle damage during hard battles and accelerated healing of muscle damage

Sometimes even an invincible Nordic warrior needs to outgrow himself

Since Valhallais a very special booster for a very special kind of all out battle, we've chosen a slightly different and more innovative approach compared to previous boosters. Ragnarok is not just another fight against inferior human opponents, but a battle against the superhuman, mighty giants of Nordic mythology. During such a fight, the insane frenzy of a Berserker may not help you - during this fight you have to be fully focused and you have to take the right decisions within fractions of a second.

"Valhalla will give you the kind of overwhelming superiority that will make you victorious during the last, all-important battle that will determine the fate of the world and the Nordic gods."


  • Titel:Maschinen Pulver
    Kohlruss Power in einer Dose!
  • Titel:5g
    Täglich 5g gramm und ab gehts Klasse produkt keine Pickel
  • Titel:Tipp!
    Probiert mal die Kombi mit dem 300 Phalanx! Train like a Beast!
  • Titel:Knall heftig!
    Geiler Booster aber nicht für jedermann! Sehr Stark!
  • Titel:haut rein!
    Gefällt mir besser als der erste Valhalla, denn der war zu hart. Mit dem hier habe ich ein super Workout aber keine Probleme mit einem Crash! Schmecken tut er auch, passt alles!
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Viking, solve 15g (1 scoop) powder about 30-45 minutes prior to your workout in 200-300ml water and drink it!


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