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Oaty Whey - Frankys Bakery

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  • Content: 900g
  • Form : Powder

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Fine oatmeal meets premium whey protein to indulge you with a delicious, delicately creamy porridge!

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6,83 €

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1 kg
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A perfect, delicious breakfast with lots of protein, high-quality complex carbohydrates and healthy fibre in organic quality

Product Highlights:

  • Soft organic oatmeal
  • High quality whey protein
  • Nearly 30 grams of protein per serving
  • Nearly 6 grams of fibre per serving
  • Without added granulated sugar
  • Sweetened with organic agave juice powder and sucralose
  • With pieces of real fruit or delicious pieces of chocolate
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Fine oatmeal meets premium whey protein to indulge you with a delicious, delicately creamy porridge!

Oatmeal and whey protein have always been one of the foundations of any typical bodybuilding diet. Oatmeal is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates that provide your body with long-lasting energy, and whey protein is an easily digestible source of protein that has the highest biological value score of all natural protein sources. So what could be better than combining these two foods for a perfect, delicious and healthy breakfast?

Although we have been producing delicious treats since 1954, we did not invent that combination, of course, but with Oaty Whey, we have refined it into a healthy delicacy that has little to do with a carelessly blended mix of oatmeal and whey protein. Oaty Whey has the traditional taste of the good old days and if you did not know better, you would think it was freshly made by your grandmother. When you mix Oaty Whey with hot water or hot milk, you will get a delicious high-protein porridge that tastes so good that most hardcore bodybuilders who are used to focus solely on the nutritional value of food will feel kind of guilty, because the delicious taste will make them think they're eating an unhealthy cheat meal.

But nothing could be further from reality. Oaty Whey is made from healthy, natural ingredients that include organically sourced oatmeal from certified organic farming and healthy whey protein. We have deliberately avoided the use of granulated sugar and instead use healthy organic agave syrup powder that is not only healthier than sugar, but also provides a delicious aroma. As a special treat, we have added dried fruit pieces or real chocolate chips to Oaty Whey, to pamper your taste buds. A healthy and high-protein breakfast has rarely been so tasty - and to keep it from becoming too boring in the long run, we've developed numerous mouth-watering flavors that range from apple cinnamon to coconut with white chocolate. Everyone will find their new favourite taste here.

Frankys Bakery - traditional treats since 1954!


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Mix 100 g (2 measuring spoons) in 150 ml boiling water, stir it and leave to brew it for 5 minutes

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