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Protein Pancake - Frankys Bakery

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Delicious high-protein pancakes with the traditional taste of the good old days as a healthy breakfast, as a delicious protein meal at any time of day and to support your post-workout recovery with protein and high-quality carbohydrates!

Who does not like the smell and the taste of delicious, freshly baked pancakes? Unfortunately, traditional pancakes are usually true calorie bombs, which consist mainly of unhealthy, highly refined white flour, fat and sugar and do not really fit into a sports-oriented or body-conscious diet.

If you love pancakes but can only consume them with a guilty conscience, or if you do not want to eat them at all as they does not fit into your healthy diet plan, we have good news for you: We at Frankys Bakery have created delicious protein pancakes made exclusively from healthy ingredients, that should not be missing in any healthy sports-oriented diet.

Of course, we did not invent protein pancakes, but when you eat protein pancakes created by Frankys Bakery, you can be sure that these protein pancakes really do taste like home-made pancakes from the good old days - and not like artificial flavored cardboard or styrofoam, as it is often the case with other protein pancake products, you will find on the market.

But our protein pancakes can not only score with a delicious taste. We have done everything to make our pancakes a sports-oriented, healthy food. Our pancake mix contains 50 grams of high quality protein per 100 grams of powder and significantly more protein than carbohydrates. The protein we use consists of a unique blend of whey protein concentrate, high quality egg albumin, whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey peptides. This protein mixture is unique in the field of high protein baking products. In addition, our protein pancakes are sugar-free and low in fat, and the contained fat consists of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs for short), which will provide your body with fast energy and are metabolized more like carbohydrates than like fats.

And if you like to eat waffles, we have other good news for you:

You can transform our pancake mix into delicious, steaming, warm waffles that will make your mouth water, by using a waffle iron.

Our protein pancake mix is available in many delicious flavours, ranging from fruity flavours like mango or banana to classic flavours like cinnamon or apple pie.

Protein Pancakes by Frankys Bakery – Delicious high-protein pancakes with the traditional taste of the good old days that can be eaten as a delicious breakfast or a delicious, freshly baked, warm snack in between.

Frankys Bakery - traditional treats since 1954!

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  1. Mix 2 measuring scoops: 50 g PROTEIN PANCAKE POWDER with 100 ml skimmed milk or water in a mixing bowl, until blended.
  2. Put half tablespoon of oil into the pan.
  3. Cook pancakes until golden brown

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