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Triglyceride Omega 3 - B.A.M.

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  • Content: 200 softgels

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Essential omega-3 essential fatty acids in their most effective form in the highest concentration available on the market

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The essential fatty acids that will support your athletic performance, promote your health and accelerate your fat loss in their most effective and concentrated form.

Product Highlights:

  • Essential omega-3 essential fatty acids in their most effective form in the highest concentration available on the market
  • Can relieve joint pain and will support your joint health
  • Pronounced anti-inflammatory effect
  • Glycogen sparing effect to help to execute longer and more intense workouts
  • 500 mg of EPA and 250 mg of DHA per 1000 mg of fish oil – that is three times more omega-3s as in regular fish oil capsules
  • Will support your athletic performance and enable you to give your best in the gym and on the field
  • 20 to 100 times more effective than omega-3 fatty acids from plant sources
  • Can improve your insulin sensitivity
  • Can support your fat loss by increasing the use of fatty acids for fuel
  • Can boost your mental performance and support a healthy brain function
  • Can supports your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and thrombosis
  • Will promotes a healthy and youthful appearance of your skin, as well as healthy and strong hair
  • Possesses anti-aging effects and can potentially slow down your aging process

Why do you need an omega-3 product like B.A.M. Omega-3 ?

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential polyunsaturated fatty acids your body can not produce by itself and therefore you must supply them on a daily basis by food or in form of supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to your body because they are involved in countless important body processes and are also needed as important building blocks for every single cell in your body, including the cells of your brain and your nerves.

Natural food sources of omega-3 fatty acids are very rare and you can only find the important EPA and DHA fatty acids your body needs in algae, fatty fish, and the meat of grass fed animals. Herbal omega-3 fatty acids are ineffective as they have to be converted into EPA and DHA in the body and the conversion rates are as low as 5% and 1%, respectively. B.A..M. Omega-3 will give you pure EPA and DHA in the highest concentration available on the market.

What makes B.A.M. Omega-3 so interesting for bodybuilders and athletes?

Omega-3 fatty acids play a crucial role in protein synthesis and endogenous hormone production, and without anabolic hormones and an optimal protein synthesis, you will not be able to build significant amounts of strength or muscle mass. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids are important building blocks that are needed for the production of endogenous anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, which can counteract and relieve workout-related joint pain and can also accelerate your post-workout recovery. In addition, your body needs omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy lubrication of your joints, which can prevent or reduce exercise related wear and tear.

In addition, omega-3 fatty acids can promote an increased use of fatty acids for fuel (1, 2), which will result in a glycogen sparing effect that can increase your workout performance significantly and may accelerate your fat loss. Omega-3 fatty acids can also increase your insulin sensitivity, resulting in less blood sugar fluctuations and related food cravings.

For body-conscious athletes, who value a healthy and attractive appearance on stage, it may also be interesting that omega-3 fatty acids can promote a healthy and youthful appearance of your skin and your hair.


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Recommended use:

Take two (2) softgels twice daily with your meal.

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