High Protein Pasta - Dr. Zak's

High Protein Pasta - Dr. Zak's


Protein Pasta

: Dr. ZAK´s

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    We believe that Dr Zak's high protein pasta is the cleanest high protein pasta on the market.

    By combining two great protein sources with traditional Durum Wheat, we have turned one of the most staple food sources that traditionally delivered high levels of carbohydrate (up to 75g per 100g), into a protein packed reduced carb every day essential.
    No artificial colours, preservatives, additives, flavouring and no soya protein in sight.
    Each 60g serving delivers 30g of protein from two complete protein sources. That is a huge 50g of protein in every 100g of pasta. Not only that, but our pasta has 55% less carbohydrate than a traditional white pasta.

    Cooking Instructions:

        - Allow 60g per person
        - Place pasta into a pan of boiling water
        - Bring back to boil and simmer for 10-12 minutes
        - Drain and serve

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