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Zec + Pumpdown is the ideal pre-workout shake for intensive training with increased muscle pump

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Zec + Pumpdown - THE Pump Booster

Zec + Pumpdown is the ideal pre-workout shake for intensive training with increased muscle pump. As a training booster or NO booster , it ensures more performance, more energy and more mental focus. It contains no creatine and no stimulants in the classic sense, such as caffeine, but it does contain other substances that can have a positive effect on focus and mood. It is precisely this combination of ingredients that makes ZEC + PUMPDOWN the perfect pre-workout supplement for an evening workout for those who no longer want to take stimulants and who may delay falling asleep quickly.

N-acetyl-L-tyrosine , a highly bioavailable form of the non-essential amino acid L-tyrosine, is a starting substance for, among other things, dopamine and adrenaline. According to studies, it can also lead to improved memory performance when tired and is sometimes responsible for our motivation . It also gives you a gentle urge to move - ideal to start training! For a good mood and well-being, the ZEC + Pumpdown Booster contains 1000mg of inositol per serving, which serves as "food" for many neurotransmitters in our brain. A lack of inositol - also called inositol or formerly also called vitamin B8 - can have a negative impact on mood and well-beingimpact. Fortunately, our shake counteracts this!


Pre-workout shake for better pump

In addition to L-tyrosine, ZEC + Pumpdown as a pump booster contains numerous training-improving ingredients that serve one goal in particular: improved blood circulation , i.e. a better pump! L-citrulline malate, betaine anhydrous, L-norvaline, arginine-AKG, ornithine-AKG, taurine, HydroMax glycerol, to name just a few of the substances contained, serve primarily to dilate blood vessels and improve the fluid balance of muscle cells . A certain gas is responsible for the dilation of the arteries: Nitric Oxide , also known as NO or nitrogen monoxide. It ensures that more blood, oxygen and nutrients can be transported - in both directions, both to and from the muscle cells.

Due to the expansion of the vessels , pollutants such as lactate and ammonia can be better removed, which counteracts a drop in performance. The increased oxygen content helps, among other things, to lower blood pressure, but has other health benefits. So that the enzyme arginase does not prevent the production of NO , the ZEC + pump booster contains L-norvaline, which inhibits or suppresses the enzyme and can lead to an increase of up to 60% more NO!


Limiting factors - a lot does not always help a lot!

The production of nitric oxides is very complex. The addition of L-citrulline or L-arginine MAY not lead to the goal, because additional co-substances are required for the formation of NO. One of these co-substances is folic acid. A lack of folic acid in the blood can mean that even a high dose of L-citrulline does not have the desired effect. Therefore, the training booster Pumpdown contains folic acid in the form of the patented and very well bioavailable metafolin . Combined with vitamin B6, this B vitamin (B9) can lower homocysteine ​​levels, which lowers blood pressure and promotes general blood flow. HydroMax ™ Glycerol - the secret of many cover models

The ZEC + Pumpdown pump booster also contains HydroMax ™ glycerol, which has a glycerin content of up to 65%. Glycerin has been used by bodybuilders and cover models for many years to maintain the final volume in the muscles, as it literally "draws" water into the muscle cells, improves hydration and increases cell volume . The increased cell volume improves the pump and thus also the muscle feeling. Glycerin has another advantage: it affects hydrationof the whole body is positive, which is particularly advantageous at high temperatures and is particularly beneficial for endurance athletes. Since conventional glycerin monostearate only has a maximum glycerin content of 10%, we use it in our pump booster in the form of HydroMax ™ glycerol , which makes a big difference with the same dosage (2000mg glycerin monostearate = 200mg glycerin vs. 2000mg HydroMax ™ glycerol = > 1500mg glycerin!).


The power of plants

Plant extracts are also included in this pre-workout shake . Grape seed extract (OPC), resveratrol, pine bark extract and the extract from Panax ginseng also have certain advantages and have a positive effect on the increase in muscle pump. Grape seed extract or OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) contains phenols which prevent and delay the decomposition of NO, so that NO stays in the blood longer . This extract can also help the heart to beat and protect the blood vessels. The resveratrol contained is said to have an “antihyperglycaemic” effect, which means that it counteracts an elevated blood sugar level. It also improves the activity of the mitochondria, our "cellular power plants", which makes thephysical performance may increase.

Long story short : if you are looking for a high-quality, highly effective pump booster as a pre-workout shake, ZEC + Pumpdown is the perfect choice!

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Mix 30g with water before training

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