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The secret supplement bodybuilders and competitive athletes have been using for decades for an insane pump, an incredible vascularity, visibly bigger and harder-looking muscles, a maximum hydration and an anabolic boost for gains of lean muscle mass

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Narcotica Nitro Glycerine RTD

The secret supplement bodybuilders and competitive athletes have been using for decades for an insane pump, an incredible vascularity, visibly bigger and harder-looking muscles, a maximum hydration and an anabolic boost for gains of lean muscle mass by maximizing cell volume and blood volume is now available in a ready to drink version for on the go.

Product Highlights:

  • Insane, formally skin-busting pump by a combination of maximized muscle cell volume and increased blood volume
  • Increased blood volume for an unprecedented vascularity
  • Increased athletic performance and endurance by an optimal hydration of your body
  • Pronounced muscle building effect by using two scientifically proven pathways
  • Significant strength increases because of improved intramuscular leverages
  • Significantly improved vascularity, definition and muscle hardness that will give you a tremendous edge on any contest stage
  • Can increase your muscle circumference by several centimetres post workout, depending on the trained muscle group
  • Contains the highest glycerol dosage of any glycerol product available on the market for a maximum effect
  • Works even for many athletes who do not feel any effect of nitric oxide boosters
  • Can be combined with creatine and nitric oxide boosters for an even extremer pump by using synergistic effects
  • Completely natural and free of harmful side effects
  • Convenient ready to drink bottle for o the go

What is Narcotica Nitro Glycerine RTD?

Narcotica Nitro Glycerine RTD contains glycerol as active ingredient. Glycerol is a naturally occurring compound that has been a staple of professional bodybuilders and high-performance athletes for decades.

Glycerol has three primary effects that make it so interesting for athletes and bodybuilders. First of all glycerol will pull large amounts of water into your muscle cells and will thereby maximize your muscle cell volume. This will result in an increased pump during exercise and additional muscle building effects. In addition, glycerol has the ability to increase your blood volume (2). This effect is so strong that glycerol has made it to the WADA Doping list as a potential masking agent that can disguise the use of banned performance enhancers through blood thinning. The third positive effect of glycerol is an improved hydration of your body that can protect you from dehydration (3) during exercise.

Despite these pronounced effects, glycerol is considered to be completely safe and harmless. It is even classified as a food additive under E number E422 that can be used without any limitations.

How should Narcotica Nitro Glycerine RTD be used for a maximum effect?

Narcotica Nitro Glycerine RTD works primarily by drawing large amounts of fluid into your muscle cells to maximize your muscle cell volume and by increasing your blood volume. Since these processes will take some time, Narcotica Nitro Glycerine RTD should be consumed about 2 hours before your workout for a maximum effect. In addition, you should drink at least one additional litre of fluid between consuming Narcotica Nitro Glycerine RTD and starting your workout to support these processes.

For an even more extreme pump and a further increase in muscle cell volume, Narcotica Nitro Glycerine RTD can be combined with creatine, glutamine and all common nitric oxide boosters for a synergistic effect (1). A combination of creatine and glycerol has been shown to result in a 40% greater increase in cell volume than creatine alone and a 50% greater increase in cell volume than glycerol alone.


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Drink 500ml 2 hours before training

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children.

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