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300 Phalanx Edition Spartan Rage - Gods Rage

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  • Content: 400g
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For the most extreme, skin bursting pump that will give you such a muscular and frightening look that you could defeat a whole Persian army only by your sight

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Become a glorious Spartan warrior of the invincible army of legendary King Leonidas who will frighten all his enemies by the look of his rock hard muscles alone and who will endure even the longest and most brutal battles against a majority of opponents with superhuman strength and endless stamina

Product Highlights:

  • For the most extreme, skin bursting pump that will give you such a muscular and frightening look that you could defeat a whole Persian army only by your sight
  • We use all possible independent pathways and mechanisms to maximize your pump and the individual effects of these pathways and mechanisms will add up almost loss-free for the most extreme pump of your life
  • Maximum delay of your muscle fatigue through a variety of different and independent biological pathways
  • Reduced oxygen cost and increased VO2max during extreme fights on the battlefield and against the cold iron of the weights
  • Maximum supply of oxygen, important nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones for your hard-working, hungry muscles
  • Glycogen sparing effect by an increased use of fatty acids as fuel for your hard working muscles
  • Maximum accelerated neutralization and removal of toxic metabolites such as ammonia, which can promote muscle fatigue
  • Increased ATP production for a fighting force that is out of this world
  • Promotes the hydration of your body and your muscles and will effectively counteract any dehydration that could severely reduce your physical performance
  • Will boost and accelerate your post workout recovery to make you ready for the next murderous battle as fast as possible
  • Can prevent catabolic breakdown of BCAAs during exercise
  • Increased nutrient transport to your muscles by improving your insulin sensitivity
  • Reduced muscle soreness to restore your full combat power as fast as possible
  • Anti-inflammatory effects to relieve muscle pain and joint discomfort
  • Will maximize your strength and power by using a variety of biological pathways, so that even the most brutal onslaught of the toughest enemies and the heaviest weights will seem like a light breezy to you
  • Will increase your muscle protein synthesis rate and possesses direct anabolic effects to enable a maximum muscle growth that will make any opponent look small and weak compared to you
  • Accelerated healing of muscle injuries and accelerated of muscle growth by an increased conversion of satellite cells into fully developed muscle cells
  • Increased production and serum levels of anabolic hormones such as IGF-1, growth hormone, testosterone and insulin, which will help you build a steel-hard, muscle-toned body worthy of a true Spartan
  • Increased strength and efficiency of your muscle contractions muscles to make every slash with the sword and every rep in the hell of cold steel an explosion of power and violence
  • Promotes the function of your immune system by antibacterial properties and a dramatic increase in number and activity of natural killer cells
  • Highly effective antioxidant blend to protect your muscles, the cells of your body and your DNA from damage caused by free radicals that are produced in large amounts during exercise
  • Can promote stronger and harder erections to give you the reputation of being a "hard" fighter in bed, too.
  • Possesses anti-aging effect and numerous health benefits
  • Maximum bioavailability of all ingredients because of an effective combination of piperin and capsaicin


  • Titel:Godsrage halt
    Geschmacklich ist der neue 300 ziemlich gut. Bei zwei scoops (1 Portion) ist der Pump heftig. Konnte nach dem Brust- Trizepstraining meine Arme nicht mehr richtig anlegen, weil die so auf dem Lat gedrückt haben. Außerdem hät der Pump auch nach dem Training recht lange an.

    Ob Vikingstorm oder Spartan Rage, bei dieser Marke kann man, was booster angeht, nichts falsch machen.

    Godsrage halt
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Spartan, solve 30g powder about 30 minutes prior to your workout in 400ml water and drink it!

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