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The ultimate pump booster that will give you the craziest skin-busting pump of your life and will lift your gains to the next level.

Pump dat B*tch can provide you with:

• The most brutal and insane skin-bursting pump of your life that will make you feel like you are REALLY working out hard for the first time of your life
• A maximization of the blood flow to your hard-working muscles and almost surreal increases of your muscle cell volume for a brutal, muscular look, a crazy muscle pump, and additional powerful anabolic effects
• Reduces muscle fatigue using multiple independent pathways for more reps per set and more sets per workout
• Increases the working capacity of your muscles
• Faster and maximum delivery of oxygen, essential nutrients and natural anabolic hormones to your hard-working muscles and faster removal of muscle fatigue-enhancing toxic metabolic waste products for a maximum muscle performance
• Optimizes the hydration of your working muscles
• Stimulates your muscle protein synthesis for maximum gains
• Accelerated recovery between your workout sets and post workout
• Reduced muscle soreness for longer and more frequent workouts
• The most comprehensive combination of the most potent ingredients for maximizing the perfusion of your muscles and a maximum cell volumization
• Improved bioavailability of the key ingredients by usage of the unique Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering technology

Pump dat B*tch - the most extreme stimulant-free pump booster that has ever been legally available

Today you will find countless pump supplements and nitric oxide boosters on the market - and with good reason: a crazy muscle pump and maximizing the blood supply to your hard working muscles can make the difference between average gains and unsurpassed gains in mass and strength.

But it is very disappointing to see that most pump and nitric oxide boosters have been concentrating on the same two or three ingredients and the same pathway for years. With Pump dat B*tch we tell the rest of the industry, "You can do better. There is still a lot of room for improvement in your products!"

Pump dat B*tch is different. Of course, we also use proven ingredients and take advantage of the long established arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway – and we would be stupid not to use these benefits. However, we do not stop there and sit back lazily. Sure, with these ingredients and taking advantage of this pathway, we could have created a nice pump that would have satisfied many amateur athletes and gym rats, but that was not enough for us!

With Pump dat B*tch we wanted to introduce a product that will surprise even the most extreme hardcore bodybuilder and that will give you by far the most murderous muscle pump of your life. Only after trying Pump dat B*tch, you will know what a skin-busting pump really is - and we will promise you one thing: such a pump has nothing to do with the pump other manufacturers call a skin bursting pump.

In order to achieve truly dramatic effects, Pump dat B*tch combines a wide range of innovative ingredients that will unfold their effects by using several distinct pathways that are totally independent of each other, and therefore will not interfere with each other. These pathways range from different pathways that will maximize your nitric oxide production and increase your blood volume to pathways that will maximize the cell volumization of your muscle cells.

But the impressive effects of Pump dat B*tch are not limited to the craziest pump of your life and pumped up, hard muscles that will make others envy. Pump dat B*tch will dramatically increase your performance in the gym, greatly delay your muscle fatigue, and speed up and optimize your recovery between sets and post workout.

Something like stagnating progresses, plateaus or even regressions will no longer exist for you if you use Pump dat B*tch. Everyone else watching you workout will wonder what you are taking - illegal muscle building hormones? A completely new pharmaceutical agent? But in reality, you are using a completely natural and harmless product whose impressive effects are based solely on a smart and synergistically combinations of proven ingredients.

You may be wondering why Pump dat B*tch concentrates solely on maximizing your muscle pump and the blood supply to your working muscles and does not contain a whole cocktail of stimulants like many other pre-workout boosters. Well, there are several reasons for this.

The most important of these reasons is that Pump dat B*tch is a product that is fully focused on giving you the most extreme pump that is possible with legal ingredients. Any pump product containing stimulants is always a compromise in this respect since virtually all stimulants will cause your blood vessels to constrict and thereby will counteract the blood circulation enhancing effects of nitric oxide. In other words, you will take two steps forward and one step backwards with such combination products when it comes to maximizing your muscle pump.

In addition to this, you can use Pump dat B*tch even if you're exercising in the evenings and a booster overloaded with stimulants is out of question, as it would affect your sleep and your vital recovery during your sleep. Of course, Pump dat B*tch is also great for those who are sensitive to stimulants or do not want to use stimulants for whatever reason.

WARNING: Pump dat B*tch could be the most extreme supplement you've ever tried. This product is only for hardcore strength athletes who know no pain and are keen on experiencing the limits of their workouts. Pump dat B*tch is not for the scared, who may be worried that their muscles might burst during the next rep. Even if you still want to be able to wash your hair after a shoulder workout or if you want be able to climb stairs after a leg workout, you should avoid Pump dat B*tch and use one of these low-impact pump products from other manufacturers.

Why is a murderous muscle pump so much more than just the greatest feeling on earth?

We all love the muscle pump because it shows us how hard we are working and thereby motivates us constantly to reach new personal bests - not to mention this full and hard look that motivates us to give everything. Sure, motivation is one of the most important factors that can make the difference between success and failure of your workouts, but did you know that a brutal muscle pump also has a long list of tangible positive physical effects on your performance, you strength and your muscle gains?

Apart from the noticeable pump one of the most important aspects of an increased nitric oxide production is the relaxation of the smooth muscle tissue of your blood vessels, which results in a widening of your veins and a dramatic increase in blood flow to your hard-working muscles. An increased blood supply also means an increased supply of much-needed oxygen, nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones for your muscles, while at the same time toxic metabolic waste products that can accelerate muscle fatigue during exercise, will be removed faster.

During exercise, this translates into an increased performance and a later onset of fatigue for more intense sets with more reps per set. At the same time, this increased blood flow - between sets and after exercise - means a faster and more complete recovery of your depleted muscles.

In other words, you will be able to set a more intense stimulus for building strength and muscle mass more often without putting yourself in danger of reaching a state of overtraining. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect recipe for maximum gains ...

In addition to the benefits of an increased blood flow to your muscles, the muscle pump also has strong, scientifically proven anabolic effects on its own. An increased muscle volume that is achieved by a maximized usage of different nitric oxide pathways and the brutal, muscle cell volume-maximizing effects of GlyceroMax™, can improve the leverage of your muscles and dramatically increase your strength. Chemically assisted bodybuilders will know this from anabolic steroids. For the same reason steroids which cause strong water retentions in the muscles have a significantly stronger force-enhancing effect than steroids that do not cause water retentions.

In addition, an increased muscle cell volume will stimulate your muscle protein synthesis, resulting in faster and more extensive gains in mass and thrength. But that's not all - scientific research has shown that repeated stretching of the fascia - a web of firm, fibrous tissue that wraps around your muscles and maintains their structural integrity - can promote and accelerate muscle growth - and the more intense your muscle pump the stronger the stretching of the fascia will be.

As you can see, the muscle pump is much more than just a cool feeling. Your muscle pump is an important factor when it comes to maximizing gains in strength and muscle mass.

The innovative and synergistic active ingredient blend of Pump dat B*tch

We have already mentioned how Pump dat B*tch unfolds its superior, almost unbelievable effect. In order to show you that this is more than marketing and theory, you will find a detailed description of the ingredients contained and their scientifically proven effects below.

Pump dat B * TCH Pump Blend:

L-Citrulline Polyhydrate™

The naturally occurring amino acid l-citrulline is considered to be one of the most potent - if not the most potent - nitric oxide boosters by many experts. Interestingly, citrulline exerts its action through the classic arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway and is even more effective in this respect than orally taken arginine. This is related to the fact that a great amount of orally taken arginine will be destroyed in your digestive tract or degraded in your liver before it can even get into your bloodstream. Citrulline, on the other hand, passes your liver intact and will be converted into arginine by your kidneys later.

But citrulline can do much more than simply increasing your levels of nitric oxide, dilating your blood vessels, and increasing your blood flow with all the benefits described above. Citrulline can also significantly increase your muscle protein synthesis, which translates into faster gains in mass and strength and a faster post-workout recovery. In addition, Citrulline can significantly reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

Pump dat B*tch uses the superior Polyhydrate™ form of l-citrulline, which shows a maximum bioavailability and will protect the supplied citrulline against any destruction in your digestive tract.

GlyceroMax™ (65% glycerol)

Glycerol is one of the best kept secrets in professional bodybuilding. Since glycerol is a fluid that can not be incorporated into a powdered product and is highly irritating to the body's mucous membranes in its pure form, glycerol has never really been successful in the sports supplement industry.

However, this has changed with ingredients such as GlyceroMax™. GlyceroMax™ is a glycerol formulation in powder form that has a glycerol content of 65% and is vastly superior to cheap glycerol forms such as glycerol monostearate with its negligible glycerol content of 5 to 12%.

Glycerol is an effective pump booster that will maximize not only your muscle pump but also the blood supply to your hard working muscles. The interesting thing is that this effect has nothing to do with increasing your body’s nitric oxide production, and uses completely different pathways. This means that the effects of GlyceroMax™ and the other active ingredients contained in Pump dat B*tch will add up without interfering with each other. But how does GlyceroMax™ unfold its effects?

GlyceroMax™ has the ability to significantly increase the hydration of your body by drawing more fluid into your muscle cells, resulting in dramatic increases in muscle cell volume. At the same time, the glycerol contained in GlyceroMax™ will significantly increase your blood volume. An increased muscle cell volume and an increase in blood volume are the perfect recipe for an insane muscle pump by themselves - and now imagine how your pump will feel when these effects add up with the effects of a maximized nitric oxide production... This pump will be out of this world and will overshadow everything you've called a pump before.

In addition to an increased pump, the enhanced hydration of your body caused by glycerol can also significantly increase your workout performance during hard and intense workouts. Did you know that a dehydration of just 2% will significantly reduce your strength and performance - and that this will occur before you even feel the first signs of thirst? Thanks to glycerol, this will never happen again.

Arginine Polyhydrate™

The naturally occurring amino acid l-arginine represents the scientifically best studied and most widely used nitric oxide booster. Millions of satisfied users can not be wrong.

The only drawback is that quite high dosages of arginine are necessary to maximize your nitric oxide production, as a large part of orally supplied arginine is already destroyed in the digestive tract and will therefore never make it into your bloodstream. That's why Pump dat B*tch uses the superior Polyhydrate™ form of arginine, which protects the sensitive l-arginine from a destruction in your digestive tract, thereby maximizing bioavailability and effects of l-arginine.

But l-arginine is much more than just a nitric oxide booster that will maximize your muscle pump and the blood supply to your hard-working muscles. It has been known for over 30 years that even small amounts of orally administered arginine can significantly increase the body's own production of muscle building hormones and this will increase your gains of muscle mass and strength.

Metabolic Boost Blend:


Taurine is a naturally occurring, non-essential amino acid that is crucial for the function of your cardiovascular system, your nervous system and your skeletal muscles.

Taurine occurs in the highest concentrations in your skeletal muscles and an unavoidable exercise induced reduction of the taurine levels in your hard-working muscles can greatly reduce the performance of your muscles during exercise. The taurine contained in Pump dat B*tch can prevent this and will delay the onset of muscle fatigue while significantly increasing your workout performance and your VO2max.

In addition, taurine acts as a potent antioxidant that will protect your muscles from damage by free radicals which are produced as metabolic waste products during hard muscle work. Taurine will promote your muscle recovery between your workout sets and post workout. As an added bonus, taurine has anti-catabolic, muscle-protective effects, as it protects your muscles from a workout-induced degradation of BCAAs.

Taurine works together synergistically with other ingredients of the Pump dat B*tch Pump Blend because it enhances your muscle cell hydration - and thus your muscle volume and your pump. It will also modulate the insulin pathway to make it easier for important nutrients to get into your muscle cells – and this will enable you to maximally benefit from an increased nutrient delivery to your hungry muscles induced by an increased blood supply.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline substance that acts as an acid buffer in your body. During intense anaerobic physical exertion, such as weight training, there will inevitably be an increased lactic acid production leading to an overacidification of your working muscles. The more acidic the environment becomes in a muscle, the more its contractility will diminish, until finally a state of muscle failure will occure. The burning sensation you feel in your muscles during exercise is based on this hyperacidity.

Because of its alkaline properties, sodium bicarbonate will act as a natural acid buffer in your muscles, counteracting a hyperacidity of your working muscles. This will delay the onset of muscle fatigue and will allow you to perform these last critical reps of a workout set that are critical for building strength and muscle mass.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is an essential, water-soluble vitamin that belongs to the family of B vitamins. Vitamin B3 is able to reduce muscle fatigue which contributes to its ability to increase the work capacity of your muscles during intense workouts.

Less well known is the fact that vitamin B3 is also able to dilate the veins in your body and thereby increase the blood flow to your hard working muscles, which will intensify your muscle pump during exercise and enhance all the benefits associated with an increased muscle pump.

Since the dilation of blood vessels caused by vitamin B3 occurs via a pathway that is not based on an increased production of nitric oxide, the circulation-promoting effects of vitamin B3 and the effects of the other ingredients of the Pump dat B*tch Pump Blend mixture will add up, resulting in a further intensification of your muscle pump.

Beetroot extract

Not so long ago, science has discovered that in addition to the classic l-arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway for an increased nitric oxide production, there is another, completely independent, nitric oxide pathway: the nitrate – nitrite -nitric oxide pathway, which uses nitrate supplied by food as its substrate. This nitrate is first converted into nitrite and then into nitric oxide.

This nitrate - nitrite - nitric oxide pathway is very interesting for several reasons. On the one hand, it runs completely independently of the l-arginine - nitric oxide Synthase - nitric oxide pathway, which means that the nitric oxide production of both pathways will add up without any losses. On the other hand the nitrate – nitrite - nitric oxide pathway will not be affected by an acidification of your muscle tissue or a lack of oxygen during exercise as it is the case with the l-arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway. In other words, the nitrate - nitrite - nitric oxide pathway will still running at full speed when the l-arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway has long given up.

All of this is far more than mere theory. Scientific research conducted with athletes has unequivocally demonstrated an increase in exercise performance and a longer power production during high-intensity workouts induced by orally-fed nitrate, which means that a nitrate supplementation can help you to get more reps per set and better gains as a result.

The only drawback is that it is no longer allowed to use chemically produced nitrate in pump boosters and other supplements. Luckily, we have found a very elegant solution for this problem. Slap dat B*tch uses an innovative beetroot extract. Beetroot is the most concentrated source of naturally occurring nitrate, and numerous studies have shown that nitrate rich beetroot juice is indeed able to maximize your body’s nitric oxide production using the nitrate - nitrite - nitric oxide pathway.

The Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering Technology

Gastric acid is an extremely important component of our digestive system because it plays a key role in the digestion of proteins and the killing of foodborne pathogens. Unfortunately, gastric acid also reduces the bioavailability of many orally administered ingredients, as part of these compounds are destroyed or chemically altered by gastric acid so that their desired effects are lost.

This is where our innovative Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering Technology comes into play. This unique acid buffering system prevents the active ingredients contained from being destroyed by stomach acid, as it could be the case without this innovative buffering system. This protection from a destruction by gastric acid results in a higher bioavailability and ultimately, in a greater amount of active ingredients that will arrive in your body intact.


Glycerol is also known as propane-1,2,3-triol. This is a sugar alcohol which is present in all natural fats or oils. Due to its physical and chemical properties, this raw material will easily clump. One reason for this is the low melting point of about 18 degrees Celsius.

The branded GlyeroMax™ from Glanbia Nutritionals (NA) Inc. is glycerol which is bound to and stabilized by silica.

A clumping of the powder is a natural process which is caused by moisture and will not affect the quality of this product.


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