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The insider tip from professional bodybuilding and performance sports for maximum cell volumization, a crazy pump, an optimal hydration, an increased blood volume, an insane vascularity and an incredible definition is now available in convenient powder form!

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The insider tip from professional bodybuilding and performance sports for maximum cell volumization, a crazy pump, an optimal hydration, an increased blood volume, an insane vascularity and an incredible definition is now available in convenient powder form!

Product Highlights

  • An extreme, skin splitting muscle pump by dramatic increases in muscle cell volume
  • Increased blood volume for an insane vascularity and a further increase of your muscle pump
  • Powerful anabolic effects and increased muscle gains by maximizing muscle cell volume
  • Completely natural and free from harmful side effects
  • Synergistically interacts with creatine and greatly enhance its effects
  • Improved definition, vascularity and muscle hardness for competitive bodybuilders
  • Significant strength increases
  • Can significantly improve performance of endurance athletes.
  • Build your own customized Pump Supplement!

One of the best kept secrets of bodybuilding and performance sports

When it comes to maximizing muscle cell volume, most athletes and bodybuilders usually think of creatine, but there is another, completely natural and safe active ingredient that has long been a well-kept secret in the area of bodybuilding and performance sports. This compound is glycerol. But glycerol can do much more than just increase your muscle cell volume. In addition to an increase in muscle cell volume, glycerol can significantly enhance the effects of creatine, considerably improve the hydration of your body and even increase your blood volume. This results in a wide range of very interesting applications for bodybuilders and endurance athletes, which we will discuss in more detail later.


Glycerol is a naturally occurring compound in the human body that forms the "backbone" of all fats, to which three fatty acids are attached. Since now Glycerol has never been able to become popular in the supplement industry due to the fact that pure glycerol is a liquid that strongly irritates the mucous membranes and must never be consumed undiluted. These problems are circumvented by the patented HYDROCYN™, which is something like glycerol in powder form. HYDROCYN™ contains 65% glycerol and is superior to the widely used but inferior glycerol monostearate powder containing only about 10% glycerol. To date HYDROCYN™ is the most concentrated form of glycerol in powder form.

What makes HYDROCYN™ from GN Laboratories so special and what effects does it have?

The first effect of glycerol and thus also HYDROCYN™ is that it pulls water into your muscle cells. This leads to an increased cell volumization resulting in a markedly increased muscle pump. This pump is further reinforced by the fact that HYDROCYN™ additionally causes a significant increase in blood volume. This effect is so pronounced that glycerol has put on the WADA list of prohibited substances, since a significant increase in blood volume can mask the usage of forbidden performance-enhancing drugs. The result of these two effects is an insane, skin splitting pump that is so extreme that you must experience it in order to believe it. Such an extreme pump is much more than just a crazy feeling, which Arnold Schwarzenegger once described as the greatest feeling ever. A significant increase in muscle cell volume has a scientifically proven anabolic effect that can promote and accelerate your muscle gains. In addition, an increased cell volumization causes improvements of intramuscular lever ratios and can therefore result in marked strength increases. Another important aspect for muscle gains is a stretching of the fascia. The fascia is a closely interwoven network of hard, fibrous tissue that tightly wraps around your muscles and maintains their structural integrity. Unfortunately this fascia also limits the space available to your muscles for growth. Scientific studies have shown that repeated stretching of the fascia by special stretching exercises - and probably also by stretching due to a maximization of muscle volume - can promote and accelerate muscle growth.

An increased muscle cell volumization, is by the way one of the main reasons for the fact that aromatizing steroids, which cause large water deposits in muscle tissue, promote superior gains of muscle mass and strength compared to non-aromatizing steroids, that do not cause water retentions. Another advantage of HYDROCYN™ is that it significantly improves the hydration of your body, which is particularly beneficial when exercising at higher temperatures. An adequate hydration is so important because even a slight dehydration resulting in a loss of just 2% of your body’s fluid can lead to a significant reduction in physical performance, which is equally true for strength and endurance athletes.

HYDROCYN™ for a harder, more defined and more vascular appearance of competitive bodybuilders Glycerol has long been an insider tip for competitive bodybuilders. HYDROCYN™ can help any athlete with already very low body fat content to get a harder and drier appearance by pulling unwanted water from subcutaneous tissues into the muscle cells. This effect is further supported by the fact that HYDROCYN™ significantly increases your muscle cell volume, which means that your muscles will look bigger and more bulky. As an additional bonus, the already mentioned increases in blood volume caused by HYDROCYN™ significantly improve your vascularity.

If you want a hard, defined look with a maximum muscle volume and road map like veins, HYDROCYN ™ is exactly what you need!

Which supplements can HYDROCYN ™ synergistically interact with?

Scientific studies have shown that glycerol - and thus HYDROCYN™ - can dramatically increase the cell-volumizing effects of creatine. A combination of creatine and glycerol resulted in a 40% stronger cell volumization than creatine alone and a 50% stronger cell volumization than glycerol alone. So it is more than just a good idea to mix HYDROCYN™ with your creatine. If you want an insane pump that is not of this world and you have always been disappointed by all the other pump supplements so far, you should combine HYDROCYN™ with a pump supplement, which will increase the pump caused by nitric oxide and increase the blood flow to your working muscles. As HYDROCYN™ uses a completely different mechanism, the effects of HYDROCYN™ and any other pump supplement, which works by increasing your nitric oxide production, will add up, resulting in a pump that you would not have thought to be possible. Good candidates for such a combination would be our Arginine Polyhydrate™ and / or our Citrulline Polyhydrate™. We also use this combined effects in our popular Narc Limited Edition 2K16. Of course, creatine should not be lacking in such a combination in order to achieve a maximum muscle cell volumization.

The GN Laboratories quality guarantee

We use only the purest and highest quality ingredients the market has to offer. In order to guarantee the same high quality of all our products, each of our products is tested regularly for purity and quality of all of its ingredients.

Important note: Due to the natural physical properties of HYDROCYN™ glycerol, the powder has a slightly sticky consistency. This is not due to too much moisture, but rather is a normal physical property of HYDROCYN™ glycerol.

Important note for athletes who are tested for prohibited performance enhancing drugs:

Some sports organizations, such as the WADA prohibit the usage of larger amounts of glycerol (over 2g pure glycerol) before competition, since an increase in blood volume caused by glycerol can mask the usage of forbidden performance enhancing compounds. Therefore check the usage of HYDROCYN™ in advance with your sports organization.


  • Titel:top
    übler pump - zum mischen von eigenen pre workout shakes eigentlich ein unumgänglicher inhaltsstoff... jetzt wo agmatin nichtmehr gekauft werden kann auch ein würdiger "nachfolger" für eminenten pump
  • Titel:Guter Pump
    Ich habe 5 g HydroMax, 8 g Citrullin und 12 g AAKG, auf 500 ml Wasser, 45 min. vor dem Training eingenommen und muss sagen ich hatte einen satten Pump. Wesentlich mehr als wenn ich Citrullin und AAKG alleine eingenommen habe.

    Für Rücken sessions ist es aber eher Kritisch zusehen, meine Unterarme haben einen so extremen Pump bekommen, dass ich bei den Supersätzen teilweise einen Satz abbrechen musste, weil ich die Gewichte nicht mehr halten konnte.

    Alles in allem ein gutes Produkt um mal den Pump des Grauens zu erleben.
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Dissolve and drink 2.5 g of powder daily in at least 500 ml of water. Preferably 30 minutes before the workout.

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