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If you think Narc Pump was insane, Narc Genesis Pump, the mind-boggling pumps on Narc Genesis Pump, the one and only legitimate next evolution dietary pump supplements, will blow you away!

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: 150g

: Nitric Oxide & Pump

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    If you think Narc Pump was insane, Narc Genesis Pump, the mind-boggling pumps on Narc Genesis Pump, the one and only legitimate next evolution dietary pump supplements, will blow you away!

    Product highlights:

    • extreme skin bursting pumps that outshadow everything you've experienced before
    • stimulant-free and thus useable at any day and night time
    • increased anabolism due to improved nutrient and hormone supply to the musculature
    • faster regeneration during and after your workouts
    • later onset of fatigue thanks to its unique ingredient profile that includes the most potent form of the carnosine precursor beta alanine, Beta Alanine Polyhydrate™
    • infused with Creatine Polyhydrate™ the most potent creatine product the market has to offer
    • powered by Citrulline Polyhydrate™, Arginine Polyhydrate™ and Agmatin Sulfate for extreme pumps and maximal increases in blood supply to the working musculature
    • works its magic on pump and nitric oxide production via several independent pathways
    • free of unnecessary fillers and additives with questionable effects
    • contains exclusively proven ingredients in their scientifically established optimal amounts and ratios

    When we released Narc Pump about one year ago, it was the most potent stimulant-free pump supplement on the market. A true revolution that had everything athletes have been looking for in a pre-workout product... and we didn't rest on our laurels. Based on the latest scientific evidence, we've developed a new formula as the basis of a product that will surpass everything you've ever experienced and outshadow even the original Narc Pump.

    Arginin Polyhydrate™ is at the core of the Narc Genesis Pump formula, the first completely stimulant-free preworkout formula to make use of the most innovative arginine nitrate compound on the market to maximize nitric oxide production and intra-workout pumps via two different, completely independent pathways. Thanks to its innovative ingredient mix, Narc Genesis Pump is by far the most potent stimulant-free preworkout product on the market. Narc Genesis Pump will increase the pumps during your workouts like no other product you've used before. It will maximize the nutrient, hormone and oxygen supply to the musculature and deliver the results you've always been dreaming of. Narc Genesis Pump will increase your workout performance on every workout and plateaus, setbacks and poor workouts in general are going to be a thing of the past. If you liked Narc Pump, you will love its successor: Narc Genesis Pump – the next generation of stimulant-free preworkout products.

    Narc Genesis Pump will take your performance and muscle gains to a whole new level

    The extreme pumps you will experience from the very first to the last scoop of Narc Genesis Pump will surpass everything you've experienced so far. It's going to be a feeling you will never want to miss again.

    Narc Genesis Pump owes its insane effectiveness to its innovative ingredient profile that is packed with agents designed to increase the production nitric oxide via several pathways. Narc Genesis Pump will triggers an increase in blood flow that outshadows everything you've seen or experienced before. But the increased pump is not the only benefit... What's even more important than the wicked pumps is the increased oxygenation, nutrient and hormone supply that comes with it. In conjunction with its ability to increase the removal of the toxic metabolic byproducts of your workouts, Narc Genesis Pump will thus allow you to train longer, recover faster and build more strength and muscle than ever before. But Narc Genesis Pump can do even more. With its unique blend of Creatine Polyhydrate™ and Beta Alanine Polyhydrate™ Narc Genesis Pump will increase the ATP production and postpone the onset of fatigue and muscular failure.

    Together, the boost of NO and ATP production will allow you to train longer, at higher intensities and volumes than ever before ... and all that without compromising your recovery. And you know what this means: An increased growth stimulus that will make you grow faster and get stronger than ever before. In short: If you wanted to summarize the benefits of Narc Genesis Pump in just six words, those would be: "Increased strength and maximal muscle growth!" Exactly those things for which you're busting your ass at the gym.

    What are the advantages of having a stimulant free pre-workout product?

    Although stimulant-based pre-workout supplements are often the product of choice, there are more than just a handful of scenarios, where a stimulant-free product like Narc Genesis Pump is the better choice for hard-training athletes.
    This doesn't mean that Narc Genesis Pump is only for those of you who want to avoid stimulants altogether. Narc Genesis Pump is for everyone, irrespective of you train in the AM or the PM and regardless of whether you want to avoid the dreaded "post-stimulant low" later in the day or simply make sure that your preworkout product will not compromise your sleep: Narc Genesis Pump is the product smart athletes will chose.
    Why? Well, compared to regular stimulant-based pre-workout products Narc Genesis Pump is also the more flexible solution. If you want to, you can still combine Narc Genesis Pump with a stimulant of your choice. And if you want to minimize the habituation effect that occurs with the chronic (ab-)use of stimulants, you'll simply do so just before those workouts, where you really feel you need it.

    Schütteln Sie dieses Produkt gut durch, um die ultra konzentrierten Inhaltsstoffe vor dem Öffnen gleichmäßig zu durchmischen.

    Rühren Sie 1 bis 2 Narc Genesis PUMP ultra konzentrierte Messlöffel in 200 bis 300 ml Wasser ein und trinken Sie diese Mischung 30 bis 45 Minuten vor Beginn des Trainings.

    Überschreiten Sie die empfohlene Dosierung nicht.

    By Thomas B on 02/16/2018 4
    Title: Wirkung Ok, Preis zu teuer
    Text: Man braucht schon doppelte bis dreifache Dosis für angenehme Wirkung auf 105 kg. Generell aber zu teuer.
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