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Rush Female - Stacker 2


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    Unique PRE-Workout Formula for WOMAN!

    Stacker2 Europe is well-known for the pre-workout of the year Rush Accelerated, and has now developed a version of Rush for ladies: Rush Female. With Rush Female you increase your energy, focus, and stamina, without putting on weight or stimulating muscle growth. Rush Female was formulated by and for women, and finally offers you an alternative to pre-workouts for male power athletes.

    The characteristics of Rush Female

    • Unique formula for women
    • Gives extra energy and focus
    • Low in calories
    • No creatine, so no weight increase
    • Contains amino acids and extra vitamins
    • Fantastic fruit flavour
    • Completely soluble
    • No side-effects

    Experience the difference

    A good pre-workout for women differs from the powerful supplements that were designed for men. Men are heavier and consequently need greater amounts of creatine, arginine, and caffeine in order to experience an effect. We women make different demands on a pre-workout. We want energy, focus, and pleasure in sports. But above all, we want a product that keeps us slim, tastes good, and has no side-effects. Rush Female takes these preferences into account. Our formula is even completely free of creatine. And besides the natural substances that give you focus and energy, such as green tea and caffeine, a mixture of essential amino acids and vitamins promotes your recovery. By using only the best-quality ingredients, we have succeeded in making Rush Female a fantastic-tasting and 100% soluble supplement.
    Rush Female is now available in a delightful fruit flavour, and contains 320 grams per jar. That’s enough for 40 top-level training sessions.

    You use Rush Female once a day at most. The best thing to do is to dissolve 1 measuring spoonful (8 gr.) in 200 ml. of water, about 15 minutes before engaging in sports or dancing. Stir briefly, and it dissolves completely. After a quarter of an hour, the product begins to work, and you can exert yourself for at least an hour and a half, full of energy and focus.

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