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TruRecover is designed to be a versatile recovery additive to finish off your stack.

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Tru Recover

  • 1500mg HICA
  • 500mg Tart Cherry
  • 3 Easy to Swallow Tablets
  • 30 Servings

Who Needs TruRecover?

TruRecover is by no means a replacement for Select Protein or Amino IV when it comes to recovery support. It is however, the ultimate sidekick for anyone who really needs recovery support at a high level.

TruRecover is designed to be a versatile recovery additive to finish off your stack. Each serving is three easy to swallow tablets, which can be taken with or without food. It should be taken every day, and on training days it should be taken within 60 minutes of training completion for best results.

We recommend it to anyone who is performing a lot of endurance/athletic training, cardio, HIIT, or any other type of training that results in significant recovery time.

2 Research Backed Ingredients

HICA has been a staple in the recovery category for years. HICA is a metabolite of Leucine, arguably the most powerful BCAA ingredient. In each serving of TruRecover we provide the full research dose, 1500mg of active HICA.2

More recently, research on tart cherry juice and powders have been conducted in humans for their benefit on improving certain recovery markers. Most of you probably don't want to drink cherry juice after every workout, so we provide a full 500mg serving of VitaCherry Sport tart cherry powder.

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Take 3 tablets daily. On training days take 3 tablets within 30 minutes of post-workout. Can be taken with or without food.

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