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  • Content: 90 capsules

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The amazing plant compound that can accelerate your gains in strength and muscle mass and promote your post-workout recovery, as well as having adaptogenic (stress-relieving) properties

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The amazing plant compound that can accelerate your gains in strength and muscle mass and promote your post-workout recovery, as well as having adaptogenic (stress-relieving) properties


Product Highlights:

  • Faster gains of strength and muscle mass
  • Support and acceleration of your post-workout recovery
  • Increased energy for workout and competition
  • May improve your body composition
  • Can potentially increase your metabolic rate and counteract fat accumulation
  • Possesses natural anabolic properties
  • Adaptogenic properties that may help you cope better with stress and that could potentially lower your levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol
  • 500 mg of a 10:1 extract for a maximum potency


What are the benefits of turkesterone for strength athletes, bodybuilders and other athletes?

Turkesterone can promote gains of strength and muscle mass

Turkesterone has potent anabolic effects that are even more potent than the corresponding effects of related compounds such as ecdysterone. These anabolic properties and can accelerate your gains of muscle mass and strength (1, 2). Among other things, this appears to be due to an enhancement of your body’s protein synthesis using mechanisms such as an increase of the absorption of leucine into your muscle cells.


Turkesterone can increase your exercise performance

Turkesterone can potentially increase your body’s ATP synthesis, which can result in increased energy, delayed fatigue, and ultimately a better exercise performance.


Turkesterone can accelerate your post workout recovery

There is evidence that turkesterone can speed up the repair of exercise-induced muscle damage and increase the glycogen concentration in your muscles, both of which can accelerate your post-workout recovery.

Turkesteron can improve your body composition and potentially raise your metabolic rate Scientific research has shown that turkesterone and related compounds can improve body composition, which appears to be related to fat loss as well as muscle gain (4).

There is evidence that the class of drugs, which turkesterone belongs to, may increase your body’s metabolic rate, which may be related among other things to a reduction in lipid absorption, an altered glucose metabolism, and a prevention of an insulin resistance (5).


Turkesterone has adaptogenic (stress-relieving) effects

Adaptogens, which include turkesterone, have stress-relieving effects and can also alleviate physical and mental fatigue. Aside from the fact that stress can affect your health and well-being on many levels, stress may also result in an increased release of the catabolic (muscle-wasting) hormone cortisol. In turn, less stress means less cortisol - and less stress-related muscle breakdown caused by mental stress and exercise stress.

Note: Turkesterone should be taken with a meal to prevent digestive problems in sensitive people.

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Take 2 to 3 capsules daily throughout the day with plenty of liquid.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Food supplement with sodium hydrogen carbonate

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