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Muscle Transform 100% natural and safe!

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    Muscle Transform 100% natural and safe!

    Stacker2 Europe’s Muscle Transform is the newest designer testosterone booster for both beginning and advanced bodybuilders. Innovation and results are top priority at Stacker2, as once again evidenced by the introduction of Muscle Transform.

    Stacker2 Europe’s research department was given the task of making a muscle enhancer that doesn’t resemble any competitor products, with tribulus terrestris being the main ingredient every time. Muscle Transform contains only scientifically proven ingredients that also have synergistic effects. And more importantly: These ingredients are also correctly dosed, in the right quantity at which they are active and effective on your muscles in order to transform them into nicer, stronger, rock-hard, pumped-up muscles like those you see in competitive bodybuilders.

    Muscle Transform drastically increases both the (free) testosterone level as well as the growth hormone level (HGH hormone)! When trying to increase your muscle strength it is essential for the testosterone level to be increased and the cortisol level to remain low. Cortisol stands for stress and therefore muscle break-down, something which you absolutely don’t want. Muscle Transform also suppresses the female (fattening) hormone estrogen. Thanks to Muscle Transform’s revolutionary ingredient formula, the body gets into an anabolic state after only a few days of use, which naturally increases muscle strength and muscle mass without negative side-effects.

    Muscle Transform properties

    • Drastically increases the testosterone level
    • Increases free testosterone
    • Increases muscle strength
    • Anti-estrogen
    • Increases vascularity
    • Rock-hard muscles
    • Increases libido
    • 100% natural and safe
    • Increases endurance

    Muscle Transform ingredients list

    D-aspartic acid

    After creatine, this is probably one of the most extensively researched ingredients worldwide. D-aspartic acid is capable of increasing natural testosterone levels by more than 40%. You need 3,000 mg of D-aspartic acid for this. Each daily dose of Muscle Transform consists of 3 grams, entirely in line with the scientific research. D-aspartic acid is fully bioavailable, 100% safe to use and has no side-effects.

    D-aspartic acid works by means of cholesterol. Cholesterol is the basis from which testosterone is formed in the mitochondria. However, cholesterol can only be properly absorbed in the mitochondria after it has been linked to a substance called “steroidogenic acute regulatory protein” (sTAR). sTAR is hence a determining factor in the production of the body’s own testosterone. The more sTAR is available, the more testosterone can be produced. D-aspartic acid increases the total quantity of sTAR, which makes your body produce more testosterone. Muscle Transform contains a special form of D-aspartic acid that is absorbed by the human body very well and very quickly.

    Muscle Transform contains a special form of D-aspartic acid

    3,4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran – Urtica dioica extract

    Decreases SHBG, hence increasing free testosterone. SHBG is a component that binds to testosterone, hence making it unusable for muscle growth. Decreasing SHBG is very effective and useful for you as a strength athlete. A second property has been recently discovered: This extract increases the sensitivity of the body’s insulin receptors, thereby increasing vascularity, which improves the absorption of nutrients and increases muscle pump.

    Ecdysterone and Royal Jelly

    Ecdysterone combined with Royal Jelly extract has a multi-faceted effect. Ecdysterone stimulates the growth of muscle mass while simultaneously decreasing body fat. Ecdysterone also improves endurance by increasing glycogen storage and stimulating hemoglobin production. Hemoglobin is a protein contained in the blood; in the red blood cells hemoglobin is responsible for oxygen transport.

    Boron with magnesium

    Borium is a biologically active trace element that positively influences magnesium. Borium also increases the testosterone content. Magnesium contributes to good muscle tone. Taking sufficient magnesium will help you train better, with less blockage and fewer muscle cramps.

    White button mushroom extract

    Has a powerful anti-estrogen effect. Estrogen makes fat percentage increase, something you want to prevent. Anti-estrogens increase the testosterone level in men.

    Vitamin B1 (thiamin)

    Forms a co-enzyme (auxiliary substance) that is essential for converting carbohydrates (starch and sugars) into energy, which is important for strength sports. A low thiamin level increases the lactic acid in the blood, resulting in fatigue. This substance is added to help you perform longer at a high level – postponed acidification. Vitamin B1 also supports cardiac and nervous system health.

    Charantin (Momordica charantia 15%)

    Has a multi-faceted, particularly purifying effect. Charantin has a blood-purifying effect, a favorable effect on digestion and can also increase the appetite. Muscle Transform should be used as a cure. By using the recommended doses every day, you will place your body into the necessary anabolic state to become bigger and stronger. During the Muscle Transform cure you will notice after just a few days that you are stronger, have better endurance and can train harder. This higher training intensity makes sure that you cultivate more rock-hard muscle mass and develop the bodybuilding posture for which you’ve worked so hard.

    Take 2 x 4 capsules a day with plenty of fluid zusich . 4 capsules after getting up and before going to bed in 4 capsules.

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