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Olimp Vita-Min Multiple Sport Ensure Your Good Health Continues For Years To Come!

: Olimp Sport Nutrition

: 2026

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: Multivitamin

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    Olimp Vita-Min Multiple Sport Ensure Your Good Health Continues For Years To Come!

    Olimp Vita-Min Multiple Sport®, a complex composition of vitamins, ALBION® chelated minerals and natural extracts of plants, is designed for the needs of active men of all ages. This specially selected supplement provides the body with the most essential microelements which correct nutritional deficiencies, while natural bioactive substances regulate the repair processes in the body and improve your condition and vitality.

    How does VITA-MIN multiple SPORT® achieve such high assimilation?

    The exceptional bio-availability of the preparation ingredients is determined by their quality, as well as the presence of special natural plant extracts which improve the use of vitamins and minerals by the body. Mineral components are in the form of ALBION® amino acid chelates, thanks to which they are absorbed several times better than minerals contained in traditional preparations available on the market. These components are produced by a major raw materials company (group of mineral chelates), the American company ALBION. The improvement in vitamin absorption is additionally ensured by bioflavonoid compounds and extract of black pepper, Bioperine®, which raises the absorption of some vitamins by as much as 60%.

    Why is OLIMP VITA-MIN multiple SPORT® especially recommended for men?

    In addition to the easily assimilated vitamins and minerals, this dietary supplement contains specially selected plant extracts which have a protective effect on the male genito-urinary system. Active components of saw palmetto inhibit hormone transformations which facilitate the hypertrophy of the prostate, aid in passing urine, and regenerate cells of the prostatic gland and urethral glands. Their action is additionally supported by extract of pumpkin seeds, abundant in various biologically active substances and having a high content of zinc, a mineral which is indispensable for creating and transforming male hormones. The supplement is especially recommended not only in order to protect the prostatic gland, but also in order to help in conditions of reduced sexual arousal, impotency or fertility disorders.

    What other health benefits can OLIMP VITA-MIN multiple SPORT® supplement give?

    Its specially selected composition of vitamins, minerals and carefully chosen plant extracts gives a specific protective shield for the heart and circulatory system. Extract of nettle stimulates the activity of blood-forming cells. Extract of pumpkin seeds, abundant in biologically active fatty acids, vitamins A,C,E and mineral salts (magnesium, iron, zinc), inhibits inflammatory and artherosclerotic processes in blood vessels and has anticoagulant and regenerative action. Finally, the active components of maidenhair tree extract GINKGO BILOBA protect and support the functioning of cerebral vessels, facilitating the memory processes, relieving headaches, insomnia and mood disorders.

    A positive effect can be also noticed within liver cells. Extract of milk thistle (sylimarin) contains the whole complex of biologically active flavonoid compounds, which demonstrate supportive and protective action in all liver overloads caused by malnutrition or the presence of toxic factors, such as alcohol or medicines.

    Directions for Vita-Min Multiple Sport

    Recommended use: swallow 1 capsule of VITA – PLEX® and 1 capsule of CHELA-MIN® once daily after your main meal. The product is recommended to adults as a food supplement. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Not suitable for pregnant, lactating women and children.

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