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Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium Go Big Or Go Home!

: Ronnie Cole Signature Series


: 2150g

: Multicomponent Protein

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    Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium Go Big Or Go Home!


    A bodybuilder's diet revolves around one key element…PROTEIN! Being that I have over 20 years of experience in the highest competitive level of bodybuilding and the fact that I've won a record 8 Mr. Olympia titles, I know a thing or two about protein supplementation. Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium™ has been designed with one purpose in mind: to provide you with the highest quality protein at the most concentrated level. If you're reading this paragraph it's probably because you realized that 29 grams of precision blended protein per scoop is pretty freaking serious! You might even notice 29 grams of protein is quite a bit more than the standard, well I'm not your standard bodybuilder and you're not looking for standard results! It's time that someone steps up to the plate and puts out a formula that offers extra protein to those that need it. Bodybuilders and fitness athletes need every gram of protein they can get and meeting those needs can get extremely expensive. Believe me, no one knows this better than me. Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium™ has been built for these types of athletes. As a world-class competitor, I can't expect athletes to take something I wouldn't take myself - 29 grams of the highest quality protein is my choice. Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium™ is delicious, smooth, and most importantly…STRONG! Go with Ronnie Cole Pro Antium™: When every gram counts.


    • Multifaceted Protein Blend for Complete Recovery
    • Fortified with 3.5g BCAAs, 5g Creatine, and 2.5g Betaine
    • REAL Cookie Pieces and Only 1g of Sugar
    • 29g Protein per Scoop
    • 50 Servings per Bottle

    Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium™ has been designed with one purpose in mind: to provide you with the highest quality protein at the most concentrated level.

    Directions for Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium

    For optimal results Ronnie suggests that males take 1 scoop or 2 scoops with 147mL or 266mL of water or your favorite beverage. Ronnie suggests that females take 1 scoop with 147mL of water or your favorite beverage. Ronnie suggests using 1-4 servings daily making sure that 1 of those servings is taken immediately after your workout.

    By Sandro O. on 06/17/2014 5
    Title: Danke Giga!
    Text: Danke Giga! - Schnelle Lieferung - Danke für die Proben (wenn auch andere als gewünscht) - Ebenfalls Danke für die Fairness beim Preis Das Produkt selbst: Geschmack: Fand es lecker und die Stückchen erinnern tatsächlich an Keksstücke. Man trinkt ne Portion und möchte am liebsten gleich eine hinterher haben. Leicht bitterer Nachgeschmack was aber an der Schokolade oder an den Aminosäuren liegen kann. Löslichkeit ist sehr gut. Man bekommt eine hervorragende Proteinmischung ohne minderwertiges Eiweiß!
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