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Olimp Mega Strong Protein – Time Release, Hi Protein Formula

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: 2000g

: Multicomponent Protein

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    Olimp Mega Strong Protein – Time Release, Hi Protein Formula

    The pillar of success of DOMINATOR – the protein recommended by the Champion!

    Unique on a global level!
    Mega Strong Protein™ sets the latest trends in the quality and effectiveness of action of high-protein nutrients.

    Mega Strong Protein™ - PROTEIN FOR PROFESSIONALS!
    The highest quality Slow-Mo-Pro™ composition including valuable proteins (micellar casein, WPC, WPI – CFM®, ultrafiltrated egg protein, WPH, glutamine peptide) enriched with L-glutamine. Numerous scientific studies has shown that protein is characterized by its anabolic activity, thus it contributes to growth or maintenance of muscle mass. The product is enriched with L-glutamine, which is the most abundant free amino acid in human muscle and plasma.

    Directions for Mega Strong Protein

    take 2-3 portions a day (in the morning, after training and before sleep). Add 1 portion (40 g – 140 measuring units = 3,5 scoops or 5 flat tablespoons) to 150 ml1 of water. Keep out of reach of children.

    By Mauritz O. on 06/17/2014 5
    Title: Der beste Protein den ich probiert habe
    Text: Der beste Protein den ich probiert habe. Leicht löslich, schmeckt auch mit Wasser gut! Den extra glutamin spürt man in kürze nach der Einnahme. Für mich ist dieser Protein für alle Situationen geeignet. Nach dem Aufstehen, nach dem Sport, zwischen durch, oder vom schlafen gehen, für alles nur ein Protein. Preis Leistung verhältniss auch ok. Super schnelle Lieferung, Sonntag bestellt, dienstag bekommen. Danke Gigas ;-)
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